Friday, 30 August 2013

Bavarian Beerhouse Opening!

Hello everyone
So Yesterday I was invited by the lovely Viccy from the fab blog Jelly Rose as her plus one to the launch of the new Bavarian Beerhouse in Bristol.
The new Bavarian Beerhouse in Bristol is the third in the UK and the first to open outside London. It is situated in the city centre of Bristol on Queen Charlotte Street. The Bavarian Beerhouse give an authentic ‘beer hall’ atmosphere and character, so crucial to the German experience, with long wooden tables and benches that make it easy to meet up with friends and socialise.
The Bavarian Beerhouse will serve authentic German Beers, food and offers a live Oompah band.
The Launch night was opened by none other than Al Murray! Who tapped the first keg (known as O’zapft is) and signified the opening of the new Beerhouse.
It was a really fab evening! I must admit I was a little dubious to begin with as I was really unsure as to what to expect as I have never been to a Beerhouse before. However it was great! The atmosphere was amazing everybody was so friendly, the music was easy to listen to and had everybody up on there feet joining in, dancing and singing along. Even a passing police community support officer came in and joined along with one of the songs!
This was Ralph and TommY, The amazing Oompah band.
The only slight downside were some of the toilets were broken and has no locks which was a little frustrating as there were no signs and it was trial and error trying the locks. However this really didn't effect the night at all!!
The staff were extremely attentive and looked great in there traditional dirndls although it seemed it was only the women who were in traditional dress. The staff really went out of there way to ensure everyone was happy and were always checking you had drinks and were often joining in with the dancing and singing along.
I had a fab night and was so pleased I got to experience it!
Thanks to Viccy for letting me be your Plus One.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Weight loss

Hello everyone

Well I joined the gym on Sunday :/ lol!

I have always struggled with my weight and I am most definitely a comfort eater. I have large boobs and wide hips and I know I will never be a skinny size 0 but I would love to be back to the size I was before I had James nearly 4 years ago!!

The weight crept on whilst I was pregnant and I have shifted and gained the same stone over the last few years and now its time I really buckle down and get on with it I think.

Our local gym (Active Yate Leisure centre) had an offer of a free induction and I figured now was the best time to start especially as James will be at nursery 3 afternoons and 1 full day per week so I have no excuse lol!!

So from next week I shall be doing the gym 4 times a week, Zumba on a Wednesday evening and swimming twice a week + following a healthier eating plan although not completely cutting out the foods I love. I want to enjoy doing it and not feel like I am completely restricted by the diet as this is when I fail as I feel to much pressure and rebel against myself lol!!

I plan on keeping myself motivated by setting small goals as they will then seem far easier to achieve than the overall goal :D!!

Well I will keep you all posted and let me know below if any of you are following any plans or have any tips :) x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Lazy bank holiday Monday

Hello All, Hope your all enjoying the bank holiday weekend!
Today we had a bit of a lazy bank holiday Monday.
We gave Greg (The guinea pig) a bath.

We then visited our local soft play which is called Atlantis and is situated within Yate leisure centre which is part of the Active chain of leisure centres.
The soft play has recently been refurbished and has had a new section added which is fab!!
 James loves soft play and its always his first choice of activity if he gets a choice lol.
However today our trip was slightly ruined by some teenagers who had decided that a chil.ds soft play was the perfectly place to hang out, swear, and run around so fast it was unsafe for the little ones! They soon left though and normal soft play madness could resume lol.
We then popped to the shops to do some shopping then came home got in our pjs and will watch a dvd later!  
Its been lovely spending some family time together especially as its not long until James starts back at nursery!!
Hope you have all had a fab weekend xx

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Mummy Knits Love

Hello everyone hope your all well?

Well today I thought I would show you all my hobby! In my spare time (the little I get with a constantly energetic 4 year old lol!!) I knit and crochet. I have a Facebook page called Mummy Knits Love and here you can see LOTS of pictures of items I have made.

My nan taught me to knit when I was very little and its one of those things you never really forget. Crochet I decided to learn less than a year ago and taught myself using you tube videos and some tutorials I found through Google.

Its really satisfying when you have finished a piece and even more satisfying when you see a little baby all wrapped up in a blanket you have made. I have posted below a few examples of things I have made.


Friday, 23 August 2013

The beach in Yate.

Hello everyone!

Well yesterday we visited "the beach" in Yate shopping centre. Its basically a VERY large sandpit with lots of buckets spades and other beach toys for the kids to play with and lots of deck chairs for the mums and dads.

We visited with a fellow blogging mummy Viccy from the fab blog with her lovelychildren Tristan and Scarlett.

James and Tristan had great fun running round burning of some of that endless energy toddlers seem to posses lol! Its a really fab idea by the shopping centre as not only does it provide a place to take the kids in the 6 weeks holiday that is local its also FREE!!
The shopping centre also run activities at "the beach" including a treasure hunt, sand sculpture and a beach party (with free candy floss and popcorn, giveaways, music and games!).

A great idea and hours of fun for the little ones so I must say well done to Yate Shopping centre.

Here are a few pictures of James and Tristan enjoying the sand.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sherbet Pip Hamper **REVIEW**

A little while ago I was lucky enough to win a sherbets pip sweet hamper in a competition run with Florette. The prize was a amazing 1970 sweetie hamper from Sherbet Pip and this is my review of that product.
The hamper arrived very promptly and upon taking it out the box I was presented with a large wicker picnic style hamper with leather straps and buckles to fasten to the front. Once the lid was opened the contents was secured and covered with a green tissue paper and hand tied with hessian.
Sherbet pip said the following about this box on there website
"For those whose sweet years were the 1970s, this one is for you.
As a guide we estimate "sweet years" between the ages of 7 and 14, the days when you had to earn your pocket money, walk or cycle everywhere and when your biggest decision was what shall I buy with my new pence this week?"
Inside the box is crammed full of sweets of all types the sweets included inside the 1970's Large hamper are....

  • 5 x Bananas
  • 2 x Traffic Light Lollies
  • 2 x Anglo Bubbly
  • 1 x Sherbet Fountain
  • 1 x Drumstick
  • 1 x Golden Nuggets bubblegum
  • 1 x Parma Violets
  • 10 x Flying Saucers
  • 5 x Fried Eggs
  • 1 x Packet of Rainbow Drops
  • 8 x Candy Sticks
  • 170g bag of Cola Bottles
  • 100g bag of Shrimps
  • 12 x Gob Stoppers
  • 150g bag of Jelly Babies
  • 150g bag of Sweet Peanuts
  • 150g bag of Liquorice Comfits/Torpedoes
  • 150g bag of Cola Cubes

  • It was a great product that all the family could enjoy as there were softer sweets that James could try and some more grown up sweets for me and my husband. Even my granddads eye lit up at the sight of the liquorice. All of the sweets were eaten and nothing went to waste.
    As you can see a very extensive range of sweets and all equally delicious! Each type of sweet comes individually packaged in small clear bags each one hand tied with a piece of hessian.
    The large boxes cost £38 which is on first sight seems quite expensive for sweets however when you receive the hamper you can really tell the quality and thought that has gone into each hamper. Each one provides a real blast from the past and there are lots of other years to choose from which include sweets relevant to the year you have chosen!
    You can even personalise your hamper with a personal message on the tag!
    All in all I would say this is a fab product and would be a great unique Christmas or birthday present for any sweet lover out there and although the price may seem a little high this really is reflected in the quality and nostalgia you get with each box.
    You can visit to view more of there hampers and other products they sell.

    Monday, 19 August 2013

    The Park and Morrisons lunch **REVIEW**

    Hello All,

    Today it was just me and James and we went with a friend and her little girl to our local park for a play and to try and burn some of the little ones endless energy lol!
    We are very lucky as we have a park right on our doorstep that is usually quiet and has lots of different equipment to play on and is lovely especially in the summer months.

    After using up lots of energy we then visited the Morrison's café for lunch, We had never been before but thought we would try it as the friends we were with had recommended it. It was really Yummy! and had plenty of choice at really reasonable prices especially for the little ones. I had a lovely sandwich selection which consisted of 4 triangles of sandwich's with 4 different fillings (1 prawn mayo, 1 egg mayo, 1 cheese and tomato and 1 ploughman's) it also came with a small bag of crisps and salad all for £2.50!
    James had a children's packed lunch box which was a fun cardboard box with cartoons on which consisted of 1 sandwich (choice was chicken, jam, ham and dairylea filling) a carton of drink, a yoghurt, a small pack of grapes and apples and a colouring pack which had a few small crayons and a little activity booklet. All this for just £2.65!
    The café had a relaxed atmosphere and the staff seemed friendly and prompt. I can highly recommend trying a Morrison's café near you.

    We had a fab day and James is now all tucked up in bed snoring away so the park must have worked!!

    Sunday, 18 August 2013

    Meet Greg!!


    I would like to introduce you all to Greg! He is our newest member of the family who is a VERY fluffy guinea pig.
    Greg is around 12 weeks old and lives outside in a rather large 2 tier hutch.
    Our little boy has been asking for a pet for a while now and we really wanted to get him a pet as we thought it would teach him about caring for an animal. We couldn't decide what to get as a pet. Fish he couldn't hold, hamsters a little small, rabbits a little big but then we thought about a guinea pig and it seemed perfect!
    We did purchase 2 however one sadly passed away and as Greg is a male it would be difficult to repair him and therefore we now only have Greg.
    James has picked up really quick how to hold him and not to be to rough. He also helps to clean out the hutch every weekend and loves holding him and feeding him lots of veg and the occasional treat.
    I can really recommend guinea pigs as pets if you are thinking of getting your little one (or yourself ) as a pet.


    Saturday, 17 August 2013

    Lazy Day + MyFamilyPack **REVIEW**

    Hello everyone,

    Well after our day trip yesterday we have had a bit of a lazy day today. We only ventured out of the house to do our weekly shopping and then straight back into our comfy clothes on the sofa!

    Today I received my MyFamilyPack in the post. Its completely free and contains a variety of products which vary to each pack. My pack contained a reusable hessian bag, a coin ring fob for trolleys, 4 sweets and some leaflets which had some discount/ money off vouchers on.
    The pack is completely free and can be obtained from

    A statement from Gemma Johnson the CEO of my family club read ...
    "As a busy mum of 3 children I wanted to give families that extra special treat without it costing a penny. I wanted to create a product that would reach out to all mums and give them a great big hug for doing such a brilliant job."

    I think the pack is fab and what the My Family Club who's motto is Helping families save money and time are doing is such a fab idea and the packs are lovely! I would definitely recommend signing up for one. Registering for a pack only takes a few minutes!

     This was my pack.

    I hope that you are all having a fab weekend!!

    Friday, 16 August 2013


    A Big Hello!!

    Welcome to my blog, I thought I would write a small post about myself, my family and my reasons for starting the blog :)

    My name is Jess I am wife to Frank and Mummy to James and Evelyn We live just outside of Bristol in a town called Yate and we try and spend lots of time together as a family whether it be days trips out or rainy days in.

    I started the blog so that I can share with you all what we are all about and that's living life to the full! I am also hoping to get lots of reviews on the blog that might help other mummy's and family's out with a non biased review on lots of products.
    I will also we trying to add lots of pictures and info about our days trips, craft ideas, meal ideas and lots of family updates and news! 

    Well I hope you enjoy my blog :) x