Saturday, 22 February 2014

Moving house!!

Hello everyone!

So on top of half term and being 6 months pregnant we are moving house next weekend!!

Our landlord of the current house we live in has decided to sell the house and so after 5 years here it's time for us to move on. I'm not going to lie as im sat here today surrounded by duct tape and boxes I'm dreading it already lol!

However I can't wait to get into our New house! It's bigger than the house we are in now and we have been told we can decorate as we please (something we were not allowed to do in this house) so I cannot wait to decorate my little man's bedroom and baby no2s nursery section! Aswell as making it more our home which some nice pictures and a splash of colour! 

It's so exciting yet stressful at the same time I'm not sure how I will cope with the having to take a back seat with the heavy lifting.... I'm more of a hands on get it done kind of girl lol! So I will have a few scheduled posts ready for next weekend whilst I move but I will be back to blogging as usual as soon as we're all moved in.

Hope you have all been well? 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Half Term!!

"School holidays!"

The 2 words to strike fear into most parents lol! now dont get me wrong it's not that I don't want James home from nursery I love spending time with him! But I know it's a time I need to fill with activities and things to keep a hyper active preschooler occupied and not bored! 

Now this is much easier in the summer filled with picnics and afternoon's in the park and days on the beach, but in the winter it's usually cold and wet and going anywhere indoors costs money! 
It's made even harder by the fact James loves nursery so the mere mention of nursery being closed sends him into some kind of preschooler tantrum that can be heard for miles around usually followed by more moaning lol! 

I do try and plan days out of the house visiting friends and park visits (weather permitting) and I also have a craft box stashed away for rainy days stuck in! 

However for some reason this half term felt different for me! I'm not sure if it's because I know soon this baby will come along and these days of just me and James are going to come to an end soon or because he is growing up so quickly and the thought of my baby heading of into the world of school just makes me want to wrap him in bubble wrap and keep him under my wing forever. 
But it was different... We have had a lovely week of cuddles under the duvet on the sofa watching dvds, visiting old friends and doing baking. We have laughed, played and cuddled and the normal stress of school holidays hasn't seemed to rear it's ugly atal head this week!

I even got a sleepy cuddle from my little man and it was so special!

This half term has been lovely! 

Monday, 17 February 2014

Canvasdesign UK **REVIEW**

Hello everyone,

I was recently given the opportunity to review a canvas from CanvasdesignUK.

Canvas Design is one of the UK’s original canvas printing companies specialising in making custom Canvas Prints at an affordable price. They have been printing canvas prints since 2004 now and some of their exclusive customers in the past have included DVB, BBC and they have featured on ITV's 60 Minute Makeover.
Canvasdesign frames start at 6inches and go all the way up to 40inches and their pricing is from £7.99.

I chose an image of James from our wedding and here it is!

The quality of the canvas was great! The image was crisp and clear and looked exactly like the original image I supplied with no effect to the quality of the image.

The delivery of the item was super! I ordered my canvas Thursday, I received a text message Friday to tell me my canvas would be here Monday aswell as giving me the options of texting back for a different delivery day or to leave the package with a neighbour!
It came very well packaged as you can see below! As a result the canvas arrived in perfect condition!

I then recieved a text Monday to give me a 1 hour time slot for delivery and the driver delivered my canvas bang on time! Excellent communication and delivery!

So do you have a picture you would like to turn into a really beautiful canvas? Well I have a code for you do you can get 15% off your next order from CanvasdesignUK! Just use the code BLOG15 when you order from

I've teamed up with the lovely people at CanvasdesignUK to be able to offer one of you the chance to win a canvas of your own!
Just enter using the rafflecopter form below!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to UK residents only!
The winner of the canvas will be able to have any picture of there choice made into a canvas between 6x6 inches up to 40x40inches!
The winner will need to email me with there choice of picture along with a valid mobile number and delivery address so these can be passed on to CanvasdesignUK for your canvas to be made.

We're going on an adventure
* I was not paid for this review. All opinions given are my own.. As a thank you I was allowed to keep the product.
* If you would like me to review your product or service, please email me on

Thursday, 13 February 2014

First swimming lesson!

Today James had his first swimming lesson. He has been on the waiting list for a few months so he was very excited when we got the call a few weeks ago and he learned he had a space in the next term of swimming lessons. 

James was so excited that every day he asked if today was swimming today and hasn't stopped bouncing off the walls since.

The lessons James will be attending are 25 minutes long (this may not sound like long but it was plenty long enough for a 4 year old once they were in the pool and splashing around non stop!)
Parents were aloud to watch on the side of the pool with the class being split in to 3 small groups of 4 children with a designated teacher in the water for each group. Meaning that as the groups were small each child got plenty of help and attention and of course swimming time! 

James had a fantastic time at his first lesson! He even managed to swim a width of the pool using just a swimming noodle so he was rather impressed with himself! 

James is attending swimming lessons at our local leisure centre which is part of the Active group of leisure centre's. The lessons cost £49.50 for 10 lessons spread over 10 weeks. Which I thought was a very reasonable price, after all swimming is a skill that is not only fun but could one day save your life. 

Here is James all ready for his first lesson! 

Do any of your children do any sports or leisure activities or part of any clubs they really enjoy?


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

2014 MAD blog awards!

Hello everyone!

The MAD blogs are open for nominations for 2014 and I would love it if you would nominate my blog!

You can vote by just clicking on the pic below and I would be very flattered and grateful if you did so :)

I hope you are all enjoying reading my blog and are finding the reviews and tips I post up useful.


MAD Blog Awards

Hello all!

 Hello everyone,

I'm really sorry my blog has been a little quiet lately. This pregnancy has taken its toll on me this time with sickness and tiredness never ending lol! 
We also have to find somewhere else to live as our current landlord has decided to sell the house so we have 2 months to find somewhere else (not the most thrilling job at 23 week's pregnant lol!) 
I will still be adding lots of reviews and pregnancy updates they may just appear on the blog a little later usual. Also don't forget about the giveaway in the post below!! 

Thank you for sticking with my blog and I hope you are still enjoying reading.


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Two Fingers cleaning box GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello everyone, 

Have you read our review of Two Fingers cleaning products? You can find it here...
 Two Fingers REVIEW

Well now you can win your very own cleaning box! Featuring all the products below! Which include bath and shower cleaner, multi purpose cleaner, glass cleaner and floor cleaner + microfibre cloths!

Entering is simply just complete the rafflecopter form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Open to UK residents only.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Pregnancy update!

Hello everyone, 

Well I'm now 22 weeks pregnant and WOW time is going so quickly now almost as quick as my ever expanding bump is growing! 
Oh and James has given the baby a nickname of peanut which has kind of stuck lol! 

I have started buying a few bits and pieces now after our 20 week scan revealed a happy healthy baby and I can't believe how small newborn clothes are! It's hard to believe my super tall, confident, handsome little man James was ever that small. 

My craving have been rather strange including oranges but atleast 8 a day lol! And the latest have been eating shower gel and toothpaste!! Yep I really am strange!! 

Sleeping has become increasingly uncomfortable and the getting up to go to the toilet in the night seems to be becoming more and more frequent! Although this may be something to do with the little person inside my bump is most active at night. 

(the teeny tiny foot which is the cause of all these late night kicks lol!) 

Anyone have any tips for getting a better nights sleep? 

Anyway I will try and update a little more regularly now as my body seems to be changing more and more and time is going way to quickly! 


Two Fingers Clean **REVIEW**

Hello everyone

I was recently sent a range of cleaning products from Two Fingers.

Two fingers products contain

NO Volatile Organic Compounds   NO chlorine or bleaches   NO harmful solvents   NO biocides   NO caustic alkalis

NO known carcinogens   NO known toxins   NO Phosphates   NO Sulphates   NO Silicate or Caustics   NO Parabens.

The entire Two Fingers range is only made from ingredients derived from natural, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable botanical resources, principally plant and vegetable derivatives. Just as importantly, all our products are non-hazardous and have never been tested on animals.

I was sent the floor cleaner, bath and shower cleaner, glass cleaner and multi purpose cleaner. These all came with there own handy 500ml reusable spray bottles with colourful labels to indicate which bottle was which once the product was inside.

Each cleaner came as a 50ml refill bottle which you mix with water (you fill 3/4 of the bottle with cold water then add your small bottle of cleaners to this) this makes a full bottle of each cleaner!

The first thing I noticed was the smell! It was a lovely fresh smell rather than the chemically smell you often find with cleaners. The smell filled the house and stayed for hours!

The products really worked well! We tried them all out and they really did the same job as other cleaners but without the nasty chemicals and nasty smells often left behind.
Having a 4 year old and a baby on the way I felt much better using these products as I new they contained no hidden chemicals that could be harmful!

One thing that initially drew me to Two fingers was their catchy short video clip! You can watch it here...

I would highly recommend giving these products a try! You can purchase a starter pack which contains the same as I have posted above for £9.99!!

Visit there website for more info and to purchase... Two Fingers website


We're going on an adventure
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