Tuesday, 29 April 2014

No words needed!

Sometimes there are moments that need no words to melt your heart.

They require no sound or movement, no answer or motive just a moment that captures your heart and melts it on the spot.

Tonight was one of those moments for me..

I peeked in to check on my little boy and he was sound asleep cuddling his favourite teddy from our holiday last year (he takes it to bed every night without fail lol) snoring away and looking so peaceful.

I know I have another baby on the way but he is and always will be my baby, my first born my little man. He has made and shaped me to be the mum I am today and for that I cannot thank him enough.
Yes he has tantrums and screams as soon as he hears the word no. Yes sometimes I feel like hiding in a dark cupboard and not coming out until Frank gets home from work to deal with his terrible tantrum but really one little smile from him makes everything seem ok!

Today he melted my heart with no words! 


Monday, 28 April 2014

My pushchair arrived!!

So this baby malarkey is getting a little bit real now!

Im 33 weeks and quite frankly I have kind of put the impending arrival to the back of my mind. Not that im not excited but having James has kept me busy and on top of that we have moved house!

Well I finally decided I should maybe start getting prepared lol so I picked up my sterilizer, washed some clothes, blankets and the car seat covers and set up the crib last weekend. 
Then today my pushchair arrived! 
I visited a few shops (Mothercare, Kiddicare etc) to try out a few different ones but finally settled on the Graco Evo pushchair with the carrycot attachment in Chilli (Red).
It seemed to tick all the boxes for us, Lightweight, reasonably priced, folds down quite small and has a big enough basket to fit peanuts and James things in when we go out and about.

I ordered from Kiddicare in the end as they had a spring clearance and we got it for a fantastic price of just £200! I ordered online Saturday night and it turnt up Monday morning!

I couldn't resist but to put it together as soon as it arrived (James was at nursery) so off I set with my manual and no clue lol! 
It was actually really simple to do and I easily managed to put it together by myself with a little help from the pictures in the instructions. It took me around 20 minutes on my own and it really was just a case of clicking in a few bars and attaching the wheels and 


and as a pushchair for when peanut is a little older (I need to attach the hood yet and the seat can be forward or parent facing) ..

I cannot wait for peanut to arrive now so we can give it a try!!


Saturday, 26 April 2014

Little Ragamuffin, Wall stickers **REVIEW**

We recently received some lovely wall stickers from Little Ragamuffin to try out and help transform James' bedroom in to something a little more fun than the plain magnolia it currently is.

Little Ragamuffin Ltd is a new online company run by two working mums established in 2012. Located in Bedfordshire, they hope to give their customers an exciting range of children's bedroom and nursery accessories to choose from, with products being of an excellent quality and at affordable prices.

Not only do they provide products to transform your child's bedrooms, but also quirky, fun and unique accessories to add something extra special to your child's room. Little Ragamuffin also stock lots of great gift ideas for both boys and girls if you are looking for a gift that's a little different.

Little Ragamuffin's range includes bookendslightshadesdoor knobscushionscoat hooksheight charts, mobileswall stickers and other fun products that will help you transform your child's bedroom or nursery.

We received the Woodland growth height chart wall stickers for James' bedroom (This will also be peanuts bedroom when peanut is born and old enough to go into a cot but these stickers are definitely unisex so would suit a boy or girls bedroom). I love the idea that these are not only fun and add colour to his bedroom, but also provide a fun and interactive height chart too.

We were instantly impressed with the look and quality of the stickers. The colours were vibrant and they were a really good quality (definitely durable enough to be able to stick and then move and re-stick at a later date if required). The stickers came on 2 large sheets and were easy to peel off and apply with no tearing or creasing when using. Simply select where you want the stickers, peel off and carefully apply, I found it useful to have someone to help with the larger stickers to ensure they went on straight.

We loved the fact the tree incorporated a height chart which measures in inches and metrics onto the trunk, The sticker set also comes with little leaves which are labeled with Name and age so your child can measure themselves and then fill out there name and age on the sticker and place it on the correct level of the tree trunk. This will definitely be something lovely to look back on as he grows.

James loved measuring himself and sticking the leaf to the trunk and cant wait for peanut to come along so he can compare heights!

How cute are these vintage style animals that feature on these stickers!

Here is the finished wall! James loved it and they were really easy to apply.They really brightened up the room and are a great idea if you are looking for something to add a touch of colour or give a room something a bit extra without having to paint or wallpaper and at a fraction of the price then I would definitely recommend giving these a try.

Little Ragamuffin's have a HUGE range or wall stickers to suit any need. Aswell as a massive range of other products for childrens bedrooms and it is definitely worth checking out their website if you are thinking of decorating soon!

We're going on an adventure
* I was not paid for this review. All opinions given are my own.. As a thank you I was allowed to keep the product.
* If you would like me to review your product or service, please email me on xJessLegresleyx@hotmail.com.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Pregnancy update!

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would share a pregnancy update with you all! 
Today I am 33 weeks! It seems like time has gone so quickly and suddenly its less than 2 months left and I am definitely not prepared lol!
I still have my hospital bag to pack although I have packed peanuts bag, which made it seem all so much more real washing and folding all the tiny clothes and hats!

We still don't know what gender peanut is and I really cannot wait to find out! 

Peanut has been a bit of a mischief maker and has had an irregular heartbeat at appointments and so I am being monitored weekly as my husband had 2 holes in his heart when he was born so they like to keep an eye on things. I did have a cardiology scan on baby but peanut was being rather unco-operative and refused to move so they were unable to get a clear picture so it has just meant a little extra monitoring during the pregnancy.

Here is a bump pic I took today at 33 weeks...

I also have my baby shower this weekend (Sunday) which is being thrown for me by the lovely Viccy from JellyRoseYate so look out for a blog post from that soon!

My sickness has also reared its ugly head again, alongside the strange cravings! This mornings breakfast was spicy chicken pasta and some smarties easter egg lol!! 

Did you have any strange cravings whilst you were pregnant?


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Sunday visit to The MSHED! (Bristol)

Hello everyone, I hope your all having a lovely easter? 

Well today in true bank holiday style it rained lol! So we decided to check out the Mshed in Bristol. 
The Mshed is a museum based in the centre of Bristol and it is all about the history of Bristol itself!

"For the first time, Bristol has a museum dedicated to telling the amazing history of the city, through the objects and stories of the people who have made the city what it is today.
Located on the historic dockside, Bristol's flagship museum has been designed to retain the unique character of the former 1950s transit shed.
Three galleries reveal the fascinating story of the city and its unique place in the world. From prehistoric times to the present day, explore the history of Bristol through the objects and stories of the people who made the city what it is today.
See amazing film and photographs, listen to moving personal stories, encounter rare and quirky objects and add your own memories of the city through the interactive displays."
With James only being 4 and a half I wasn't sure how much he would enjoy it but he loved it! There was plenty for him to at and plenty of interactive screens all at kiddy friendly level so easy for little ones to use. 

There were also plenty of interactive displays including colouring, dressing up and some displays you could use to show how they work!

We saw displays on different types of transport...

Types of children's toys that children would have played with many years ago...

And even some interesting outfits from the past... 

We had lots of fun looking around and finding put about Bristol past and we would definitely recommend checking it out if you are ever in the area.
Entry is FREE and there is lots of parking (pay and display carpark) just outside of the museum itself.

You can find out more about the Mshed here... Mshed website.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

School admissions!

Well today was the day!

It was the day we found out what primary school James had got into. 
I can't believe my little boy is going to be going to school in September! It's a time I've been dreading of I'm honest the thought of my little boy going out into the big wide world of school is enough to drive me to tears (probly not helped by being 32 weeks pregnant lol)

I did the open days and filled out the application forms online (then changed it and changed it back several times lol) and finally submitted it.

Then the wait... The form was submitted in January and I had to wait until today to find out what place we had got! 


I was absolutely over the moon! 
I hope all the other parents who were waiting to find out were happy with the places offered! 

Although if you weren't happy here is a handy link which may help if you are planning on appealing the decision/ place offered... http://www.goodschoolsguide.co.uk/help-and-advice/school-admissions/108/appealing-for-a-school-place


Monday, 14 April 2014

James drawing!

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a quick picture with you all! 

James is 4 and a half and the concept of sitting still and doing any task for more than 2 minutes is completely unheard of lol!
However he has recently started taking an interest in drawing and last week he drew this cute squirrels all by himself!!

I thought it was really good for a 4.5 year old and he was very proud of it. It's now proudly displayed in our kitchen lol! 


Sunday, 13 April 2014

What2buy4kids **REVIEW**

Hello everyone,

We were recently sent out a toy for James to try out and review from the lovely people at  What2Buy4Kids.

Do you ever struggle with what to buy children for birthdays (especially if they are like James and get invited to parties all the time from nursery!)? Or struggle to find age appropriate gifts? Well take a look at What2buy4kids it is a website full of gifts suitable for children of all ages all on one website! 

What2buy4kids was started back in 2010 by Lisa after she became frustrated with how difficult it was to find decent kids birthday presents for her children's friends. 

We were sent the Zoob Jr construction kit. This is aimed at boys age 4-5 and it was perfect for James who is 4 and a half!

This toy reminded us of a chunkier easy to use for little hands version of knex and was an instant hit with James!
The set consisted of 20 varies pieces including 4 chunky wheels + a set of colourful laminated instructions cards full of great ideas to make!

The instruction cards were great as they were easy to follow and gave James lots of ideas. We especially loved that they were laminated so easy to wipe clean after sticky fingers had been touching them and meaning they will last.

The pieces easily click together with a small amount of pressure needed to push them together, making it easy for James to do himself! 

James loved this kit and has had hours of fun building various models since getting it! The website definitely got it correct with an age appropriate gift!

The website is really easy to use and it is easy to navigate around and find just what you are looking for! 
It certainly beats getting stressed pacing the shops trying to find a decent gift!
The website has a range of gifts to suit girls/boys of all ages and to suit all budgets with gifts starting at just a few £s! 
Why not go.and check it out for yourself here... www.What2buy4kids.co.uk

We're going on an adventure
* I was not paid for this review. All opinions given are my own.. As a thank you I was allowed to keep the product.
* If you would like me to review your product or service, please email me on xJessLegresleyx@hotmail.com.

Sunday fun!

The weather was beautiful today so we decided to venture out in the car to Clevedon beach (it's more of a pebble beach than sandy beach).

It was only around a 30 minute drive and we had lots of fun although it was quite windy when we got down there!

James had fun looking for crabs in some of the little r ock pools that had formed in between the big rocks on the pebble beach and although we didn't find any this time he had fun pretending to be a crab on the rocks lol!

He also had a ride on a little train that did a loop of the green (it was called the Charles Henry II)

And played in the fab park that was there!  

Finished of by a round of mini golf although it was paticularly tricky with it being so windy as the balls kept rolling back to the beginning regardless of how hard they hit the ball lol!

We had a lovely day!
What have you been up to this weekend? Has the weather been nice where you are?


Friday, 11 April 2014

I'm back!!

Hello everyone!

Oh my gosh how I have missed blogging!!  
I moved house on 1st March and sky couldn't connect our Internet at our new house until 11th April (it felt like a lifetime lol).

I'm now 31 weeks pregnant and despite a few hospital visits all seems to be well just a very naughty little peanut growing inside my ever expanding bump. 
James is so excited to meet his brother or sister and insists on giving my tummy lots of hugs and kisses.

I have lots of great reviews for you all to have a read of which will be posted up over the weekend! 

Don't forget to also check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/OwlCrazyMummy
To stay up to date with all posts, updates and pictures.

I can't wait to share all our adventures, news, reviews and lots more with you now I'm finally back up and running!