Friday, 30 May 2014

WannaPizzaThis **REVIEW**

We were recently given the opportunity to try out a mini pizza making kit from the lovely people at WannaPizzaThis? and we jumped at the chance as James loves pizza and it seemed like a fun activity to do during the half term.

Wannapizzathis are a company who provide pizza making kits that are freshly made using the freshest ingredients. All of their kits are made using fresh ingredients and are prepared to order in a vegetarian kitchen. They offer 2 main pizza kits...

The mini pizza kit (this is the one we were sent out to try!) which contains ..
- A childs rolling pin
- A childs Wooden spoon
- A pre mixed bag of flour (enough to make dough for one 9 inch pizza or 2 mini pizzas's)
- A pot of homemade pizza sauce
- Instructions on how to make the pizza
(These are priced at £4.00 + p&p)
The Full pizza baking kit which contains .... 
 - 1 bag of Pre-Mixed Flour (enough for one 9 inch pizza or 2 mini pizzas)
- 1 pot of sauce for 1 or (2 mini) pizza
- Mini wooden spoon
- Mini rolling pin
- Pizza tray
- Kids apron
- Kids chef's hat
- Mixing bowl
- Cooking instructions
 (These are priced at £10.50 + p&p)

Wannapizzathis also give you the option to add extras to any of their kits at a small addition price! 

Here is the kit we were sent out which contains all the items listed above in the Mini Pizza baking kit.

 The kits comes with everything you need (apart from a small amount of oil, water and your choice of toppings). I loved the addition on the little rolling pin and wooden spoon as these were perfect for James to use and can be kept for future use! 

The instructions included were clear and easy to follow.
Here is James making the dough for his pizza (this was simply a case of adding water and oil to the bag of pizza flour included and mixing!)  ...

We then rolled out the dough (I helped him a little with this but James was very keen to have a go by himself with his little rolling pin) and added the pizza sauce which was included and smelt DELICIOUS!!! and the toppings, James went simple and chose ham and cheese for his pizza. 

 We then placed the pizza into the oven for 10-15 minutes to cook. The smell was amazing and smelt just like walking past a pizzeria!

Here is our finished pizza straight from the oven...

It looked and smelt amazing and the dough was crispy but still slightly soft on top. The sauce didnt soak in or disappear so meant the pizza still have a lovely oozy top YUM! 
James had great fun making his pizza and loved the fact he could choose his own toppings and roll out the dough. The kits are fab as they include everything you need apart from a few small ingredients you would usually have around the kitchen anyway. 
I think the largr kits would make a great idea for a family to enjoy doing together to really get everyone involved and you could serve the pizza with some salad and garlic bread as a lovely family meal that everyone has been involved with making!

The kits get a big thumbs up from James who gobbled down the pizza in record time! 

 You can check out Wannapizzathis on Facebook and twitter here ..
Or on there website here .. WannaPizzaThis website where you can find out all about their fresh ingredients, the baking kits and where you can buy yours from!! 


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Cheap half term fun!

So half term has rolled around again! 

James is at home and I am struggling for things to keep him entertained and at 38 weeks pregnant waddling to the end of the garden feels like a real accomplishment so long walks and day trips on my feet all day were kind of out of the question (and yep I felt really guilty!) 

Luckily my husband was off Monday what with it being bank holiday so we spent it together just pottering around and hubby kind of took control whilst I just sat back (ahh bliss lol).

We stayed at home in our pyjamas Tuesday and watched dvds and ate biscuits all day Tuesday (now this is my kind of day lol!!) Then Wednesday visited James nanny and grampy for the afternoon. 

Yesterday James had his swimming lesson which he LOVES! he is coming on so well with it now and confidently goes under the water all by himself and has really improved his techniques for front and back strokes and the teachers have all made comment about how much his confidence has grown.

After swimming yesterday I popped into our local \£1 shop although after 3 pound shops popped up in our small shopping center they now all appear to be 97p shops which each occasionally dropping by 1p to compete with the other lol!!
Anyway I went in trying to find something to keep James entertained at home Friday as I new we would be staying in and I found these ...
Pens, Paints and a marvel colouring book all for the grand total of.... £2.91!!
James has recently taken a keen interest in superman, spider-man, batman and all the superheroes so the colouring book was a great find! 
James has been quite happily playing with these for the last hour with no signs of getting bored (this is a real result considering the words sitting and still rarely feature in a sentence that starts with James lol!).

I think someones happy lol!!

This half term we really haven't spent that much money and James hasn't moaned he has been bored once! I always worry about half terms and summer holidays as to whether im keeping him entertained enough but it just goes to show you really don't have to spend that much to please a child lol!

How do you keep the kids entertained when their off school or nursery on a budget? 
Please do share your tips and ideas below I would love to read them! 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Rosebud London change bag **REVIEW**

I was recently sent a change bag to test out from the lovely people at Rosebud London and here are my thoughts.

Firstly a little about Rosebud London...
Rosebud London is the company of Charlotte Pearl (who is also known for the well known changing bag brand Pink Lining) Charlotte created the brand Rosebud London in response to a demand for a competitively priced change/ mothers bag that still ticked all the style boxes and so Rosebud London was born! 

There current design is the lovely Love Bloom and this comes in 4 diffrent styles of bag the Tote, Hobo, Messenger and Changing station. I was sent the Tote to try out and I have to admit this is my personal favorite of the 4!

The Rosebud London tote changing bag features a wipe clean outer body fabric with exclusive print design.
- 2 x external elasticated pockets,
-2 x internal elasticised nappy pockets,
-2 x insulated bottle pockets,
-1 x internal zip pocket for valuables,

 It also features the signature Rosebud London printed water resistant wipe clean lining and padded changing mat, 
As well as an adjustable shoulder/buggy strap (22 inches shortest & 41 inches longest) with the longest strap being perfect for chucking over your shoulder or hanging over the back of the pushchair. 
The bag also features a mobile/blackberry pocket, key/pen fob and pen loop (as we all know rooting around for our phone as its going off or our keys when we are stood out in the rain is no fun lol) so these features are really handy to have.

The design has a cute retro feel and I love the fact it is wipe clean! The outside of the bag is made up of a lovely deep burgundy colour with soft pink and burgundy flowers and small green leaves, A lovely pattern that really screams spring/ summer to me! The inside is a fab contrasting blue colour as you can see here...

The dimensions of the bag are 15 x 29 x 39cm (D x H x W) and the bag provides plenty of space and pockets to fit everything you need inside!
I have packed this up to use as my hospital bag for peanut and have managed to fit 1 whole pack of nappies, 4 vests, 4 sleepsuits, 2 hats, 2 sets of mittens, sudocreme, 1 pack of wipes and 3 bibs inside and it has all fit in comfortably so plenty of space for all the every day items you would need for baby on a day to day basis.

Overall I love this bag! It has a unique eye catching design as well as featuring all the pockets and space you could need. It retails at around £40.00 and I feel this is a great price for a good quality product that also features a change mat! 
The bag feels and looks well made and very sturdy (even featuring small metal studs to the base of the bag to stop it getting damaged when placed onto the floor).

You can check out the other bags and purchase your own here ...

or you can find Rosebud London and keep up to date with all their designs here on Facebook here .. Rosebud London facebook or Twitter here... Rosebud London Twitter


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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Bump Painting!

Hey Everyone,

Well im now 36 weeks pregnant and today I had my bump painted!! 

Yep thats right peanuts home got a makeover lol! A lovely lady called Joanne who has a fab facebook page called Jo Jo's Facepainting was looking for volunteers for her to practice on so peanut was nominated!

Here are the results....

We choose the owl design to go with my slight obsession with owls lol and I loved the results! 
Jo is certainly a very talented lady so please do head over and check out her other work (you can also book her for functions an parties etc) on her facebook page here ...

I thought it was a really unique idea and something to keep as a memory when peanuts here and bump has gone. It would also make a fab idea for something to have done at a baby shower as something a bit different for mum to be! 


Monday, 19 May 2014


The picture above to you might just look like any picture of a child happily playing but today this little boy in this little picture made me cry my eyes out!

This is my little boy James he's 4 and hes my whole world! 

Hes always been my baby my only little one but with the new arrival on the way in around 4 weeks that is suddenly going to change. 
I sat and I watched him today he sat quite happily on the floor building his "motor boat aeroplane" all by himself he didn't want or need my help he was quite happily playing. Chatting away to himself about what he was building and I just wanted to shout NO STOP!! 

I realized my little man was growing up so fast right in front of my eyes!
I wanted him to stop growing I want him to be my little man forever.
This year he has grown so much he gets himself dressed, takes himself to the toilet, hes starting SCHOOL! in September and he has such an amazing imagination he can entertain himself for hours on end when he wants to. 

How HOW can my little baby be ready to go to school (I know really hes ready, he cant wait to go! nursery have agreed hes ready to go) but inside hes still my little baby. He still loves his cuddles on mummy's lap under the duvet of an evening and blowing me kisses when he walks up the stairs to go to bed each night. It just doesn't seem right, he seems so small and so care free.

I dont want to share any days, hours or minutes of my precious time with my little man with anyone or anything! I just wish I could wrap him up in cotton wool and just watch him forever!

As it gets closer to this baby arriving I am getting more and more scared, How can I share my love? I love James so much my heart melts when he says "I love you mum" or greets me in the morning with "Morning sweet-pea can I come into your bed?" How can I love 2 the same when I feel like there's no more room in my heart for more love because its so consumed with the love I have for James? 

I know deep down I will just find room my love wont lessen for James my heart will just grow with more love for the new baby but its hard to imagine right now!

Sorry for the soppy post but as I sat and wiped away my tears watching James this morning I felt it was something I needed to write down. A feeling I didn't want to keep bottled up a feeling of PRIDE at how amazing this little man is and how much I love him!!

I hope your all ok this Monday morning? 


Monday, 12 May 2014

Project B *REVIEW*

I have recently been given the opportunity to review several pregnancy boxes from the fab company Project B!

Project B is a company that provides a monthly pregnancy box for expectant mums. The box is sent out monthly from 12 weeks pregnant right up til week 40 and contains lots of exciting products for you to try out during your pregnancy. 
Each box contains a range of products relevant to your stage of pregnancy as well as some helpful information cards which contain useful information again tailored to your stage in pregnancy.

As I was around 33 weeks when I received my first box I was sent box 5 which is aimed at mothers 30-34 weeks pregnant. My box arrived very quickly (all Project B boxes are dispatched on the 1st of every month) and I was so excited to see what was inside! 
As my pregnancy has gone on I have got to the normal fed up stage (I just want to meet my little peanut!) and the constant heartburn, sickness and sore hips and ankles do have a way of getting you down! So having something to look forward to was great!

Each box costs just £14 per month with the products inside worth much more!

Here is what was inside my first box....

First up inside were 2 bars of Montezuma's Organic Mini Me Chocolate Bars. (I was given the Butterscotch and Chilli and Lime flavours in my box).
I've had a complete sweet tooth this pregnancy so was delighted to see some chocolate in the box! The butterscotch flavour was delicious and really sweet so the small bar was more than enough. The chilli and lime flavour had a real citrus tang to it and the chilli really warmed the back of your throat!

Next up was Weleda Perineum Massage Oil.
I have been considering Perineum massage lately (anything to avoid the stitches after birth lol!) so it was great this was in my box as it gave me a good excuse to give it a go. Its a 50ml bottle and comes with clear instructions on how to do the massage (which was great as I was a little clueless lol) and it was great to see a full size product in the box. 

Next up Floradix Liquid Iron Formula.
I already currently take a pregnancy vitamin which contains iron, However with my baby brain in full force there have been occasions i have forgotten to take it before heading out the door and this little 10ml bottle has been great to pop into my handbag and take some if I had forgotten to take my vitamin that morning. It really doesn't taste that bad either lol! 

The box also contained Laboraide.
I hadn't heard of these before but I anything that claims to help with pain in labour is worth a look in my eyes lol. 
"Laboraide is a new, innovative natural birthing device to help reduce both the pain and duration of labour. This dental support device is designed to be used during both first and second stages of labour to help reduce the pain naturally by relaxing the jaw and keeping the mouth open that then eases the neck and shoulders down to the core muscles."
The product looks like it could be worn discreetly and look to be easy to use. I have popped them into my hospital bad and will be giving them a go when I go into labour. With an RRP of around £19.99 this is the most expensive item in the box.

Also included were 2 Mavala Nail Polishes
It was really nice to see these in the box and gave me a great excuse to have some me time and paint my nails. I love the darker colour and think it would look great on feet. The pale pink colour is also lovely and makes a great day to day colour for hands. Both nail varnishes went on really easily and passed the ultimate mummy test (they remained chip free through a full day of washing up and playing with my little man lol!).

After my first box I would definitely recommend Project B boxes and cant wait to see what is inside the next one! 
It was great to have so many new products I hadn't heard of before to try out and some i will be continuing to purchase after getting the chance to try them out!

At £14 per box/month I thought this was a great price and the products inside really were worth a lot more.

 You can check out the different boxes and sign up to recieve Project B boxes here ...

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Silent Sunday!


Recently at nursery James has been learning about frogs and where they come from etc. This has left him enthusiastically telling us all about tadpoles and where frogs come from. 
They have some tadpoles in nursery that he loves looking at and seeing them change. 

This struck an idea in my head why not catch our own tadpoles!!
So off we set with our fishing nets and bucket in hand to a local field that has small pond which is always FULL of tadpoles and we managed to catch some.

 James had such fun trying to catch them and proudly brought home his 6 tadpoles and popped them into a plastic fish tank we have.  

He hasn't stopped looking at them with his magnifying glass since and has noticed them some have tiny little legs starting to grow! 

We plan on letting them go again back into the pond we caught them from once they start turning into frogs but for now its a great little activity for James to watch and learn all about how they turn into frogs right before his eyes. 

A Fun, Free and Educational activity for a Saturday afternoon! 
What have you been up to this weekend? 


Friday, 9 May 2014

35 weeks!! Pregnancy Update!

Hello everyone,

Well I am now 35 weeks pregnant! WOW time seems to be flying by and I still don't feel completely prepared despite being adamant that this time i would be more prepared as I new what to expect lol!

I had the midwife today who thinks peanut is head down and 3/5 engaged so will be doing some more bouncing on the birthing ball tonight! 

Here is bump today at 35 weeks....

Looking mahoovsive and yep it really is as heavy and uncomfortable as it looks lol!

Peanut seems to have started getting hiccups this last week or so and they have been a daily occurrence every day since. Which is nice as its reassuring to feel peanut moving around in there (the hiccups usually spur on a flurry of kicking, punching and twisting around) but a little painful when it goes on for over an hour and always seem to be as I am getting ready to head off to bed lol!

I also received a lovely Project B box in the post this week which really cheered me up so look out for the review of it coming up next week!

I hope you are all well? 


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Our Sunday

Hello everyone,

Well its another bank holiday weekend AND it appears to be nice weather YAY! 

Today we had a bit of a lazy Sunday. We headed to a car-boot sale this morning and had a stroll round (well I mostly waddled lol) and managed to pick up a few bits for James including a new board game, a pack of plastic animals and insects and a Scooby Doo and batman dvd and it came to under £5! BARGAIN! 

(with his goodies from the car-boot sale)

Then James had a party at a local softplay for one of his friends for nursery. We then headed home for lunch and thought we would sit outside and enjoy the nice warm weather! 

James wanted to find some insects, He seems to be really into finding bugs and insects and spiders lately which is great as it has given us a chance to teach him a little about them and he has been so interested. 

We found a ladybird and a woodlouse and looked at them under a glass bowl before putting them back in the grass!

After that we headed to a local park for a run around to try and wear off some of that endless energy James seems to always have lol!! 

What have you been up to this weekend?