Monday, 25 August 2014

Legoland Windsor!!

James has been on and on about going to Legoland so on Saturday we decided to suprise him!

We all got in the car really early and headed out telling James we were just going to see a friend. When we arrived at the gates to Legoland and he saw the lego figures and blocks he was so excited he started shouting "Were at Legoland, Were at Legoland I love it" lol and he didn't stop smiling all day!

We had such a fantastic day and luckily despite a few grey clouds whilst we were queuing to get in the park the rest of the day was blue sky and lots of sun. 
The park was very busy but that's only to be expected for a park like this in the summer holidays, The ques were really well handled by the staff and the ques had clearly marked signs with expected waiting times so you new just how long you would be waiting for each ride.

The park was extremely clean and we saw several staff members over the park clearing up any litter that had been dropped. The staff were also really helpful in helping you find places (we couldn't find our way to the river rapids but were quickly pointed in the right direction by a lovely member of staff). 

The prices are a little steep at around £46 per adult and £41 per child however there are so many 2 for 1 vouchers or cereal and crisp packets etc you can get it much cheaper by simply using one of these. 
There are plenty of rides and attractions for all ages including Duplo valley which even has a water park play area for the younger guests and Knights kingdom with lots of faster roller-coasters and rides for the older children. 

Here are some pictures of our day - 

Lots of rides

Plenty of Lego figures dotted around the park for pictures too

James particularly enjoyed the Learner Driver ride where the children are given a quick guide on driving then taken to their cars and they drive around the track. At the end they are given a little token driving licence which can be taken to the booth and you can pay for a plastic Legoland driving license with your child's photo on which comes complete with a lanyard for your child to wear it!

There is also a Submarine ride where you board a submarine and the bottom half is submerged in water with lots of glass windows so you can see all of the fish, sharks, sting rays and there are even Lego figures under the water!

The miniature village is also pretty amazing! Its staggering at what can be made out of Lego and all of the detail that has gone into it! There are floating boats, moving fairground rides and even moving racing cars!

Legoland is such a huge park I think we will definitely consider staying overnight next time as you really do need 2 days to get around the whole park properly in the busy seasons. We had a fantastic time and came wait to go back! 

You can check out the Legoland Website HERE and plan your own visit! 



  1. It looks amazing, we have got tickets that we were given and planning on going in September for one weekend. Hopefully the weather will be ok for us.

  2. It looks like SO much fun, way better than when I went before xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  3. It looks like you had so much fun. I went to Legoland once and it was awful, half the rides didn't work, some had been closed due to the weather and yeah not good x

  4. The last time I went to this site it was still Windsor Safari Park! I know my kids would love to go now as they are both Lego mad.

  5. What a fabulous surprise :) We love the hotel at Legoland, you can get some amazing deals.

  6. It looks like fabulous fun, but WOW those tickets are expensive! I am glad he loved it x

  7. I have always wanted to go to Lego land and that submarine ride looks amazing!!!

  8. It sure sounds like James was very pleasantly surprised. I think I'd love the learner driver experience too.

  9. Glad you all had a great time - and what a lovely idea pretending to be going somewhere else.

  10. I really want to take my son soon whilst he is such a great age to enjoy it, it is the price and busyness that puts me off! It sounds like you had a fab time though!

  11. I always enjoy reading reviews on Legoland. We have only been once and unfortunately alot of the toddler rides were closed with building works. Must go back!

  12. My sister and nephews are going to legoland next week but is staying over unlike yourselves, I'll pass this post on to her s she can have a read as it will be their first time going x

  13. Ive always wanted to go here, my eldest is a little old for it now but I'm looking forward to my youngest getting to the age where we can visit!! :)

  14. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I'd love to take the kids there one day. The prices are expensive !! Didn't realise how expensive they were until I saw this post.

    Thanks for linking up to #funfamilydaysout


  15. Im very fortunate that the last time I went we had golden VIP passes so we could go straight to the ride exit and get on! We were able to see and do so much more this was, it was incredible.

    There are some great photo ops there too - lovely pictures x


  16. Fab review - just deciding which theme park to visit with our Merlin passes and this one looks ideal so thanks for sharing :)