Saturday, 25 June 2016

James is moving School!

James has been at his current school for almost 2 years now and whilst I won't want to go in to any details about the reasons why, lets just say it was lots of small things rather than one big issue. We decided to look at moving James to a new school. 

We found a lovely local school which had actually been our second choice when we did the applications back when James started school and we were excited to learn about a place soon becoming available. I nervously filled out the in year  school applications form and sent it off to our local council, if  I am honest I didn't really believe we would get the space. However much to all our surprise James was offered the space and was able to start whenever he wanted! 

It was obviously a big decision for all of us but James the most and now that we had a place secured if we wanted it, I wanted him to be sure of his own decision. I took him along to visit the school, meet the teachers and just get a general feel of how the school was. He absolutely loved it! I don't know if it was the forest school or outdoor area that sold it for him but he came out of our look around with a huge smile on his face which made me feel much happier about our initial decision to consider moving him. 

We sat down with James that evening and talked to him about his options and what each choice would mean. Whilst he may only be 6 and a half I felt that he was old enough to have an input in the decision, after all its him that will be attending the school and its his journey. He confidently chose the new school and we asked the same questions several times over the next 2 weeks and every time we got the same answer, the new school was his choice. 

So the decision has been made a new school chosen and now a date set for him to move. He will be starting his new school this Monday, I am feeling overwhelmed with emotions at the moment as I just want him to settle well and make new friends. As parents that is all we ever want isn't it, our children to be happy and know they are loved. This has been a huge change and decision for all of us and my emotions and nerves are all over the place at the moment. 

I have met lots of the mums and teachers of the new school and they all seem so lovely and friendly I am hoping the children will be just the same making James transition between schools as easy as can be. 

(James saying goodbye to his teachers on his last day!)

Keep an eye out for an update as I will be popping a few pictures up of him in his new uniform and letting you all know how he got on in his first week. 

Have you ever moved a child to a new school? How did your child get on once moved? 


Monday, 20 June 2016

Some days I want to "quit" being a parent!

Before I became a parent I worked in a local cafe for several years and believe me there were times then when I could have thrown off my apron and yelled I quit and a swiftly exited the building, I didn't. However since becoming a parent I have never felt the want to quit some days like I have now.

Don't get me wrong being at work has its own set of challenges and I am in no way saying it easy, but there is something about the 24/7 job of being a parent that makes me want to yell "I QUIT" as soon as my husband walks through the door.

I love my kids don't get me wrong, they make me smile on days I didn't think it possible they make me laugh and make me so proud all the time. However they also drive me mad sometimes! Take today for example I was awoken at 6am because James and Evelyn were bickering over who gets to play with the slimy plastic slug James had acquired free with a magazine first. I just led there for a moment thinking "really" is this really what my life has become im listening to people arguing over a slug!

Its the monotonous things like the never ending washing pile, the never ending school, swimming, after school club runs that seem to multiply each week. Its the loneliness and the fact the only person you have to hold a conversation with is a 2 year old who just wants Bing Bunny. Its the bickering over silly little things which you feel like burning just to end the shrieking. We don't quit though we keep going because we kind of have too.

So does that make me a bad parent? Maybe in some peoples eyes but do I mind no not really. Im not perfect, far from it in fact. Im just a mum trying to do her best and some days I want to quit I want to throw it all in and if that means I don't get to be in the "perfect mum brigade" so be it. I would much rather be honest and tell other mums that its ok to feel this way its ok to feel like you can't wait for the day to end. Its ok to want to quit sometimes and it doesn't make you a bad parent far from it it makes you real it makes you normal.

But really I will never quit! Being a mum is the hardest most emotionally challenging job I think I will ever be faced with but in reality its the most rewarding too. When they are all grown up and I think about those tough days when I wanted to throw in the towel I will wonder what all the fuss was about. When I gaze at these grown children I can take credit in the fact that I was there to watch them grow, to help them learn and in the future, I will be there to tell them that being a parent in hard and nobody is perfect and that is ok!

Chin up mums and dads we can do this!


Monday, 13 June 2016

BABY Born Interactive Doll **REVIEW**

Evelyn has reached that age where she adores dolls and babies so when we were recently offered the chance to review one of the dolls from Zapf Creation I knew Evelyn would be only to happy to help!

We received the BABY Born Interactive doll.

The BABY Born Interactive doll is a hard bodied doll which comes with plenty of accesories. Included in the box with the BABY Born is 1 body suit, 1 hat, 1 plate with spoon, 1 bottle with lid, 1 potty, 1 dummy, 1 nappy, 1 portion of porridge, 1 friendship bracelet each for your child and the doll and a birth certificate.

The BABY Born interactive doll is a good size and weight which definitely makes this doll feel more realistic than other dolls we have had. It feels sturdy and has movable arms, legs and head. One of the reasons we went for a hard bodied doll is because Evelyn likes to take her dolls everywhere including the garden and the bath! BABY Born is able to do all this and be easily wiped down is needed which is a big bonus. 

The BABY Born doll has several interactive features including the ability to cry, wee and poo, the doll is for children age 3+ although as Evelyn is only 2 she wasn't to interested in these features just yet and was happy to just pretend. As I mentioned the doll is aimed at children age 3+ and Evelyn is only 2 but she got on just fine with the doll and really loves playing with it. We did have a go at making it cry but found it quite difficult and I would imagine a child would find it quite difficult to apply enough pressure to make tears appear on their own so this may require some help from a grown up.

I would have loved to have had a few more nappies/ portions of food for the baby in the box as the set does only come with 1 of each of these and they were used quite quickly. However I have noticed you can purchase these separately so if you are thinking of purchasing this doll I would definitely recommend purchasing some of these at the same time to go with your doll. 

The BABY Born Interactive doll is currently priced at £44.99 and we think its definitely a worth while investment. I can see Evelyn spending years playing with this doll and with so many accessories to buy for it and outfits to change there is always plenty to add to your child's doll. It is great for role play and imaginative play and being such a sturdy doll is made to last. 

Do your children like dolls? 


Sunday, 12 June 2016

May Degustabox **REVIEW**

Both myself and the kids get a little bit excited each month when our monthly Degustabox arrives! Its always exciting to see which products are inside each month, there is always a wide range and something for everyone inside the box. 

If you have not heard of Degustabox before they are a monthly food and drink subscription box. Each month a box is delivered to your door packed full or food and drink products, some from totally new companies some from existing companies. The box is priced at £12.99 which includes delivery and the contents of the box is always considerably more than the price you pay. 

Here is what was inside our May Degsutabox - 

Jack Daniels – Honey BBQ Glaze - This was one of my husbands favourite products in this months box! It has a sweet yet subtly smokey bbq flavour, we used it to make a hunters chicken style dish and it was delicious as the flavour was there but not over powering.
Garofalo – Fusilli - Both James and Evelyn are pasta fiends so this was a great addition to the box.  hadn't seen this shape of pasta before but it was great for using with a sauce such as a pasta bake as the twists really held on to the sauce. The pasta itself was really delicious and had a really authentic taste. 
Cranes –Cider - These were one of my favourite additions to the box. They had a crisp fruity flavour that made them so refreshing and the perfect drink to enjoy during these hot summer months in the garden. The strawberry flavour present in both of them was strong (But not over powering) and really made the drink delicious. 

Kallo – Milk Chocolate & Yoghurt / Milk Choco Corn cakes - Corn cakes make a great addition to picnic baskets and as a snack so it was fab to see not 1 but 2 flavours in this months box. 
Brioche Pasquier – Croissants - Brioche Pasquier have made a regular appearance in the Degustabox but it has always been a new product and its been great to try so many different products from a brand. The croissants were very soft and buttery and were the perfect size for James lunch box. 
Pomegreat – Pomegranate Juice - When I first tried this I found the flavour a little unusual but the more I tried it the more I really enjoyed it! The taste is sweet but not overly sweet and it is really refreshing! I mixed mine with some lemonade and slices of fresh lemon and it tasted amazing! 
Beloved Dates- Date Nectar - As I am currently trying to be healthier it was great to find this in my box this month as it can be used as a healthier alternative to sugar when baking which is something I love to do. We also used this to pour or pancakes that we had over the weekend. It tasted just like syrup and had that sweetness but much better for you. 
Pechkeks – Misfortune Cookies - I loved these!! The black cookie gave it a spooky feel and the quirky misfortune quotes inside were so much fun! The cookie itself was sweet and very crunch, these would be a great addition to a Halloween party table! 

Get Fruity – fruity bar - I always love finding things like this in the box as they give me great ideas for healthy lunch box snacks for both myself and the kids. That's the great thing about Degustabox is that you get to try things before buying whole packs. The get fruity bars were really nice and packed full of flavour. 
The Wonderful Co – Pistachios and Almonds - These came in really handy snack size packs which I thought were great. They contained a portion size of nuts and are great for popping in my handbag or lunch bag for a healthy snack alternative. 
If you fancy giving Degustabox a try yourself then use the code BLDEG15 to get £6 off your first box making your first box just £6.99!!


Friday, 10 June 2016

Happy Birthday Evelyn, You are 2!

Happy Birthday Evelyn!!

Its hard to believe your 2 today, my tiny baby it feels like I have blinked and you have grown not only in height but in beauty and attitude too.

When I brought you home those 2 years ago little did we realise what a little whirlwind you would become. James was so chilled out as a baby so when you came along with your wild ways, constant feeding and need to be held 24/7 it was certainly a shock to the system for us all. Would we change you... hell no!! You are your own little diva and we love you for it, ok our bodies may not thank you for the night waking and early rises but one flash of your cheeky smile in the morning and all is always forgiven.

Now your 2 and it feels like I want to bottle up this moment and save it forever. Your so cheeky and outgoing you really seem to have no fear. You are so independent and im certain you think you can keep u with your brother even though he is 5 years older. You may be a diva but you have a heart of gold and are so caring and kind.

It definitely seemed like you loved opening up your presents too -

We enjoyed Evelyns birthday by taking a lovely stroll to the park with her best friend and even stopped in a lovely little cafe for cake!

Happy 2nd Birthday Evelyn, I love you!


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Ecoegg fresher for longer discs **REVIEW**

Since I have been trying to loose weight I have been trying to keep our fruit bowl topped up however this has meant frequent visits to the fruit and veg stall near us as we all know fruit doesn't seem to ever last very long!

However Ecoegg may have just found the solution to that problem!! The fresher for longer discs!

These clever little discs can help prolong the life of your fruit and veg and all you need to do is place one of these discs near your fruit and veg.
You can use the discs in your fruit bowl, in the fridge even in a cool box or lunch box and they will work their magic keeping your fruit and veg fresher for longer.

The technology used in the fresher for longers discs is the same thing used on cruise ships to help keep fruit and veg fresh for longer periods of time at sea. Its also what is used in large supermarket warehouses to help keep your fruit and veg fresher for when it reaches you in the stores! 

 As fruit and veg start to go off they give off ethylene gas. The problem is that ethylene gas also causes fruit and veg to go off and so you get a vicious circle.  This is why, when fruit and veg start to go off, they go off very quickly!  The fresher for longer discs break the cycle by absorbing the ethylene gas, slowing down the decay process and keeping your food fresher for longer. Saving you money and meaning less waste from gone off fruit and veg. 

We gave the discs a try and I was apprehensive if they would work, I couldn't see how a tiny disc could help keep my fruit fresher for longer but it really works! Most of my soft fruit such as peaches, strawberries etc seem to go off within a few days of purchase but using the discs these lasted most of the week (we had eaten them all by the end of the week!). The bananas in our fruit bowl didn't turn brown as quickly either and fruit seemed to stay "firmer" when using the discs. I have been so impressed with these discs and will be continuing to use them for my veg in the fridge and in my fruit bowl. They have already saved us money and cut down on waste as we are chucking away less fruit and not having to purchase new so often. I can now but a full weeks worth of fruit during my weekly shop and be assured it will lat us the week when using the fresher for long discs. 

You can purchase a set of 4 discs from the Ecoegg website for £7.99 and as each disc lasts for 3 months this is a years worth of discs for just £7.99, fantastic value for money. 


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Petits Filous Firsts Challenge.

As Evelyn is almost 2 when it comes to "firsts" we have had so many! Her first smile, first words, first steps and these were all such magical moments as they are for every parent. However I am loving seeing her "active firsts" now, her toddler firsts the ones that she is just as excited to achieve as us!

Her first visit to the beach was fantastic! The excitement in her face was clear to see and she adored running her toes through the sand and even taking a dip in the sea! We waited until she was able to walk around before visiting the beach and it was definitely worth the wait. Seeing her exploring and splashing around made us all smile.

Evelyn also very recently got to have her very first ride on a donkey! She was so happy although not so happy to discover that we couldn't take the donkey home!

When it comes to keeping up her energy Petits Filous have been part of Evelyns diet from our initial days of weaning. The My first Petits Filous are tailored for children from 6 months and the subtle vanilla flavour makes them perfect for babies who are just beginning to taste new flavours. Evelyn is almost 2 and still enjoys them now though too!

My first Petits Filous contain lots of calcium and protein for strong bones and with no preservatives or artificial colours or sweeteners these Petits Filous are the perfect snack for busy toddlers on the go. They provide Evelyn with a delicious and healthy snack helping her to always be ready for her next big adventure or first! 

Have your little ones enjoyed any new firsts lately?


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