Friday, 26 May 2017

An open letter to my son after the Manchester Attack


I seem to forget sometimes how much you have grown, and just how much you hear not just from us but from your friends at school! Your so aware and often wise beyond your years I need to give you a little more credit as I still think of you as my baby when I try to shield you from the world and all its problems.

Yesterday you asked me, you asked me about the attacks that had happened and you told me you heard it was a nail bomb and you looked confused.

You asked me why someone would do this and you asked about people being killed. I could tell you had so many questions and I was scared, because I wasn't sure I would have all the answers for you.

I can't tell you why these people do these things as most of us adults are unable to really grasp that concept either. I can't tell you why they chose the place they did or why these chose a bomb.

I can tell you though the names of those who were so tragically killed, I can show you their pictures and tell you they were loved. I can tell you about the heart break their families will feel and I can tell you its ok to feel sad for all these people too.

But most of all I want to tell you not to be scared, don't let them win! Never let them dull your smile, your sense of adventure of your freedom. Never let these vile terrorists make you change who you are or how you feel.

I came to give you extra cuddles once you were asleep last night, fast asleep cuddled up to your book and teddy peaceful and care free just as you should be. I shed a tear for those poor families tonight who have lost someone, who are still looking for someone or who came so close to losing someone in those horrific attacks yesterday. I realise just how little I take these moments for granted and my heart aches for all those families who won't be able to kiss their loved ones tonight.

The world can seem to ugly, so cruel but James please don't forget there is so much good! There was so much good that happened after those attacks yesterday and when you see all these bad things happening I want you to look for the good, there is always good!

Strangers opened there homes, their cars and there hearts to those caught up in the attacks with no judging, no prejudice just the love to help those who needed it. The paramedics and police who rushed to the scene to be with those who needed them. The people who raised money after the attacks to support those who needed it and the police who are out on our street in force just days after trying to keep us safe.

I can't predict what the world will be like when your all grown up James and I can't promise that this won't happen again. I can promise though that I will do everything I can do to keep you safe, to show you love, happiness and all the good in the world.


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  1. This is such a lovely heartfelt letter, it brought tears to my eyes.