About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I started this blog so I could write down all the memories made and had with my little family. A place I could post about our adventures and experiences along our journey. To provide my whole family with a place to look back on and reflect on all those memories we made together. 

As well as that you will also find reviews, craft ideas, recipes, day out reviews and the occasional guest post from other fab bloggers!

About Me!

I am Jess and I am the writer of this blog. I am a wife to Frank and a mummy to James and Evelyn. Before I had my babies and started this blog I used to work in a small cafe in our local town center. I gave up working to become a stay at home mummy when I had my first baby back in 2009. I am so lucky that I have been able to stay at home with my babies  and watch them grow and for that I will always be eternally grateful. 
I have been with Frank (now my husband) since October 2006 after meeting him at a friends halloween party. He was 17 when we met and I was 16. We were pretty much inseparable from that day!
I gave birth to my first son James in October 2009. I then married Frank in 2012 and had my second baby, A little girl called Evelyn in June 2014. 

(Me and Hubby)

About James

James was born on Sunday 11th October 2009 (6 days early) at 4.24pm at Southmead Hospital weighing in at 7lb 7.5oz and I instantly fell in love with him. He took his first steps at 14 months and quickly learnt how to walk, run and get up to all sorts of mischeif! 
James has grown to be such a sociable little man and happily plays and chats to any children he meets. He is a typical little boy who loves anything playing and being outdoors (usually getting messy lol!) 

About Evelyn

Evelyn was born on Monday 9th June 2014 (4 days early) at 1.52pm at Southmead Hospital weighing in at 7lb 15oz and my love instantly doubled to love her just as much as I love James. Evelyn had some problems gaining back weight after she lost quite a lot of weight after birth but is not excelling in her weight gain and is back to a perfectly normal weight. In the short time she has been with us she has made it feel like she has always been here! Her cheeky smile never fails to light up a room. 

All together we make our little Family and this is our Blog! 

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