Monday, 26 August 2013

Lazy bank holiday Monday

Hello All, Hope your all enjoying the bank holiday weekend!
Today we had a bit of a lazy bank holiday Monday.
We gave Greg (The guinea pig) a bath.

We then visited our local soft play which is called Atlantis and is situated within Yate leisure centre which is part of the Active chain of leisure centres.
The soft play has recently been refurbished and has had a new section added which is fab!!
 James loves soft play and its always his first choice of activity if he gets a choice lol.
However today our trip was slightly ruined by some teenagers who had decided that a chil.ds soft play was the perfectly place to hang out, swear, and run around so fast it was unsafe for the little ones! They soon left though and normal soft play madness could resume lol.
We then popped to the shops to do some shopping then came home got in our pjs and will watch a dvd later!  
Its been lovely spending some family time together especially as its not long until James starts back at nursery!!
Hope you have all had a fab weekend xx

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