Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back to normality well kind of!!

Hello everyone.
Well James has gone back to nursery now and I am getting back into the swing of the routine.
James birthday is at the beginning of October and so I have gone into full blown party and birthday planning mode! This is the first year we will be throwing him a proper party now that he has friends at nursery we feel its time! We are looking at a soft play type party as he will only be 4.
Buying presents is the difficult part as its trying to find the right balance of buying enough for his birthday but saving enough ideas and presents for Christmas lol!! Hubby says I am a nightmare because I often buy things and then split them for birthday and Christmas but then end up giving him all of them for his birthday and then panicking at Christmas because I don't know what to buy lol!!
Anyway I have lots of new exciting posts coming up soon including a review for  Gü Puds!
Have have all those who have little ones who have just started nursery or school found it?

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