Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to nursery

Hello everyone
Well after having 6 weeks off James went back to nursery today. He was super excited after all its all hes been asking for 6 weeks "when am I going back to nursery", "when can I go play at nursery mummy" etc. lol!!
James attends Sodbury Vale Day nursery and I have to say we have been so impressed with them James has come on some much in his time there. He adores his key worker and its clear to see how she really brings the best out in him.
He loves nursery so much when we get to the door I don't even get a goodbye anymore just a glance if im lucky as he runs off to play with his friends. I must admit this makes it so much easier to drop him off and leave knowing how much he loves being there.
It feels strange after having him home every day for the last 6 weeks to suddenly having time to myself again lol! Well I already have the gym set up as wrote about in a previous post and fully intend on making full use of all the facilities now I have a little me time.
Have any of your little ones started nursery or school this week?
How are you planning on filling your time?

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