Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Burlesque Aerobics!!

Hello all,
Well some of you may have noticed my post about losing weight. Well I have been going to the gym and last week I lost 3lbs!!!
Well yesterday I went to a burlesque aerobics class with the lovely Viccy Howe!
I must admit I was really nervous before we went. I haven't been to anything like it before and I definitely have to left feet when it comes to dancing lol!!
However it was so much fun! The class consisted of a warm up, some toning exercises, learning part of a choreographed dance routine and then a cool down.
The class was fab for those beginning or those a little more advance and had a really relaxed atmosphere. Everyone was having a laugh and made you feel at ease straight away.
 It was also a really good workout and I was definitely feeling it afterwards and was deffinutly sweating enough!!
The class I went to was held by REDDS school which is in Yate.
If you are looking for a fun energetic class where you can learn some new moves, tone up and make some new friends I would definitely try out a burlesque aerobics class near you!!

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  1. Wow wish I had burlesque aerobics near me! I love zumba so think this would be right up my street

    love Mel