Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hello all!

 Hello everyone,

I'm really sorry my blog has been a little quiet lately. This pregnancy has taken its toll on me this time with sickness and tiredness never ending lol! 
We also have to find somewhere else to live as our current landlord has decided to sell the house so we have 2 months to find somewhere else (not the most thrilling job at 23 week's pregnant lol!) 
I will still be adding lots of reviews and pregnancy updates they may just appear on the blog a little later usual. Also don't forget about the giveaway in the post below!! 

Thank you for sticking with my blog and I hope you are still enjoying reading.



  1. Good luck with your pregnancy! Try not to stress about the moving although I know that's hard at 23 weeks pregnant, we moved house when I was 8 months pregnant so I know all about it xo

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

  2. Oh dear! It sounds as though you are having a spell of bad luck! I hope things start to look up soon! :)

    Jane x

  3. Hey Jess! Fingers crossed you find somewhere soon, we still haven't found anywhere either! It's such a pain isn't it. Have you guys started packing boxes? Take it easy love x

  4. Lots of luck with the move. Women are well know for their multi-tasking so I am sure you will sail through it .

  5. So out of order of your landlord, hope you find something soon :)