Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Stocking filler ideas from Lakeland!

1. Alien Sound Machine - The alien sound machine is sure to bring lots of giggles and laughs to your children (and grown ups) this Christmas. The Alien sound machine transforms your voice into one of three options (alien, monster or robot) when you speak in to the reverse side. The batteries required are included and whilst the sound machine is aimed at children 3+ it could be enjoyed by children slightly younger (under supervision) and its a giggle for adults too!. The alien sound machine is priced at £12.49.

2. Beetle Game - This fun retro game is simple to play yet lots of fun! Each player takes it in turns to roll the dice for a chance to win pieces which you use to build your beetle. The first person to build their beetle wins! The game is aged at 3+ and is priced at just £4.99 making it a cheap yet fun and effective stocking filler for children of all ages.

3. Perfect Princess Candy Kit - This delicious stocking filler is sure to put a smile on your little princesses face! The princess candy kit comes with an array of edible beads and charms as well as unedible string to make your very own edible bracelets and necklaces. The Princess Candy Kit is a bargain at just £3.49.

4. Hook A Duck Bath Game - Does your little one love bath time? Then this could be the stocking filler for them! The Hook a Duck game from Lakeland features 4 plastic yellow ducks and a "fishing rod". Pop the ducks in the bath and watch as your little one tries to hook them back out with the rod. The game is aimed at age 3 + but both my two loved it and they are aged 6 and aged 18 months (I did supervise the youngest though). The game is priced at £5.97.

5. Balloon Drag Race - Im not sure who was more excited about racing these cars, my husband or son but either way they both had loads of fun racing their cars up and down the hallway seeing who could win. The pack features 2 air powered cars and 2 durable balloons which can be used time after time. The game is easy to use you simply blow up the balloons, attach them to your car and RACE! This would make a perfect stocking filler this Christmas for little and big kids! Priced at just £2.87!

6. Superman Bowl - Do you have any Superman or Super hero fans in your house? I bet they would find breakfast times just that little bit more exciting with their very own Superman bowl! This bowl is also available in a Batman design if Superman isn't your thing. The ceramic bowl which can hold up to 600ml is lovely and thick and features a bright vibrant design which won't wear off. The Superman  and Batman bowls are priced at £7.96.

7. Moo Moo Milk Mix - I love this little moo moo milk mix cup and straw which enables your child to create their very own frothy milkshakes. You simply add in milk and your child's favourite milkshake powder or syrup and let them gentle pump the straw up and down to create their own frothy shakes before their eyes! The cute design and ease of use make this a fab stocking filler this Christmas. The Moo Moo Milk Mix is priced at £4.87.

The products I have shown you above are all available to purchase from the Lakeland website. As you can see Lakeland have stocking fillers to suit all styles, ages and budgets so you are sure to find something to help fill the stockings this Christmas. These are just a few items that are available you will find even more to chose from via the website if nothing here catches your eye.

Why not visit the Lakeland website and tell what catches your eye!


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(All prices were correct at the time of posting this 10/11/2015).

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  1. Great gift guide! I will certainly be popping into Lakeland now! Which is actually a very dangerous idea! haha xx