Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Eve Mattress **REVIEW**

Evelyn has recently moved from her cot in to a bed and so began the hunt for a suitable bed for her and James as we had decided on bunk beds, but more importantly a new mattress.

I had been doing quite a lot of research on different mattresses online, after all she is going to be spending (Hopefully) a good chunk of the night in her bed and being so little I didn't want anything that was going to hurt or damage her posture or growing bones. This was when the lovely people at Eve Mattresses offered us one of their luxury mattresses to try with Evelyn.

After having a read on their website about the mattresses I was really excited for it to arrive, in fact I was a little jealous they sounded so comfy!

Eve mattresses are designed and manufactured in the UK and to keep costs to a minimum are only sold online to cut down the high retail costs! When you purchase your mattress online it will be delivered to your door rolled in a box. I had never seen this before and was worried this would damage the mattress in some way. However when the mattress arrived it was indeed rolled inside the box and I had been told that the mattress would need to be left to lay flat for around 12-24 hours. It looked quite flat inside the box however as soon as I broke the vacuum pack seal it started rising immediately! It was clear the rolling of the mattress has caused no damage to it at all and actually made it a much easier and convenient way to deliver our mattress!

I loved the simple, stylish and clean design of the mattress with its white top and bottom and vibrant yellow side panels it really pops and stands out.

You can really tell this is a luxury brand from the stylish finish to the thickness of the mattress (its huge compared to a standard mattress!). When you lay on the mattress it is extremely comfortable its like sleeping on a very supportive cloud! The foam is soft enough that it molds around your body yet firm enough to offer enough support.

Eve mattress only sell one type of mattress so they can offer the best price and quality and there is no going around in circles trying to work out which mattress is for you. An Eve mattress is made up of...

High Density Base Layer - 18cm of ultra resilient base foam provide the foundation base layer of the mattress, supporting the layers above.

Breathable Comfort Layer - 3cm of cooling foam which offers 30% more breath-ability than a more traditional memory foam. This layer features open air technology that encourages air flow within the mattress.

New Generation Memory Foam - 4cm of responsive memory foam make the 3rd layer within the mattress. This provides balanced comfort, relieving pressure on joints and encourages ease of movement throughout the night. 

The Cover - Completing the mattress is the stylish white and yellow knitted cover. Made from a two way stretch fabric the cover provides a delicate soft surface accentuating the new generation memory foam below it. 

It may be coincidence or it may be the mattress but im taking no chances! Evelyn has slept amazingly since being in her big girl bed with her Eve Mattress and I can't blame her. I had led with her several times during naps or story time and returning to my old mattress just doesn't feel the same. I may have to invest in a Eve sleep mattress for myself!

Buying a mattress is a big decision but I can hand on heart highly recommend Eve their no nonsense easy to navigate website makes finding the right mattress for you simple. You know that the price you are paying doesn't include any high retail costs and you are left with a mattress that makes going to bed that big more enjoyable each night for a great price. 

Still not sure if an Eve mattress is for you? Well Eve Mattress offer a 100 night trial of there mattresses so you can try it out before fully committing. If you do decide to purchase one each Eve mattress comes with a 10 year guarantee! 

Check out the Eve Mattress website here - www.evemattress.co.uk.


**I was not paid for this post, I was sent this item in return for an honest review. 

All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own and written by me. **


  1. this looks really comfy! Angela from Daysinbed x

  2. That looks like a very good quality mattress! Hubby and I desperately need a new one for our bed before my spine snaps

    Cat x

  3. I've got one of these I need to put onto our bed ASAP - I've only heard good things about them so I can't wait to try it out for myself. x

  4. I think I would have been just as confused/concerned if a mattress had turned up rolled in a box! That's crazy!! Haha

  5. Gosh, that mattress looks amazing! It's very stylish and modern. I really like it and it looks ever so comfortable! I recently bought a new mattress and it was rolled up, I was so confused, haha. xx

  6. Buying a mattress is a big deal you're right. I bought a new one last year and spent absolute ages trying to decide which one to go for x

  7. That mattress sounds fabulous. I got a memory foam mattress last year and am so pleased with it, my back ache has reduced considerably.

  8. Very well written review! This looks and sounds like a great product!

    Oliver • http://suedeandsymphony.com

  9. I keep seeing Eve mattresses advertised on the trains. My mattress desperately needs replacing and I'm tempted to try these out. Just need to save up first!

  10. Looks like a really comfortable mattress. And then yellow is such a pretty added touch.

  11. I hate even thinking about my matress, I've bought so many covers and toppers for it but no matter what I do it's just too old. Definitely need to save up for a new one.

  12. That looks great, I could just jump on that bed and sleep for a few hours! Love the sound of the mattress .. Thanks for the review single beds