Thursday, 20 December 2018

Designafriend Holly Doll **REVIEW**

Dolls and babies are definitely one of Evelyn's favourite toys. She will spend hours playing at being a mummy or dressing and undressing her dolls for various play scenarios. As she has grown so has her choice in dolls, moving over from the soft bodied baby dolls to Barbie's and more grown up dolls. 

She recently discovered these beautiful Designafriend dolls after playing with them at her seven year old cousin's house and she had so much fun playing with them! So when we came home that day these dolls went straight onto her list to Father Christmas. 

So can you imagine her excitement when just a few weeks later a brand new Designafriend doll landed on our doorstep for review. She definitely thought Christmas had come early! Meet Evelyn's new doll Holly. 

Designafriend dolls are made exclusively by Chad Valley for Argos. The range contains a beautiful selection of 18 inch fashion dolls as well as outfits, accessories and furniture to enhance play with the dolls.

Every doll comes in its own beautiful box, wrapped in tissue paper with the Designafriend logo on the front. Each doll comes complete with their own full outfit including shoes and accessories (our doll came with her own bag and big blue bow hair clip). Inside the box you will also find a charming silver chain bracelet for either you or your new doll to wear plus a handbag shaped booklet which will tell you a little more about your doll, her likes and personality which I thought was a lovely touch.

These dolls are very detailed from her glossy eyes and rosy cheeks though to her glistening hair which can be easily brushed and styled as you wish. Each doll has her own personality, we received Holly and this is what our leaflet said about her -

'Hi, I'm Holly! My friends, family and blogging are what makes me happy. Capturing memories with my friends and scrapbooking our days out is something I love to do! I'm open minded, creative and hard working - I'll always reach for the stars and I know I've got what it takes to become a famous fashion blogger one day! '. 

Evelyn was very impressed that Holly loves blogging just like her mummy and absolutely loves her new doll. She is the perfect step up from the younger baby dolls (although I am sure she will still be playing with her baby dolls too for a few years to come!) as she feels a little more grown up but still a childs toy. 

The doll has hard limbs and a hard plastic head however her body is soft. She feels a good weight and despite having a soft body we were still able to stand Holly up and pose her when using her to play with. 

The Designafriend doll has quickly become one of Evelyn's favourite toys (and I have frantically ran around to buy some clothes and accessories to add to her Christmas list!) as she loves the doll so much. 

I had worried about her hair getting tangled as its so long and Evelyn probably isn't the most careful when it comes to play! However I have found that as long as I give the dolls hair a quick brush when she is finished playing then the hair does stay tangle free. We have also been using the box the doll comes in to store them when not being played with which I think has helped too. 

You can purchase dolls, accessories furniture and outfits from Argos (each outfit also comes with a charm you can add to your bracelet which I thought was a lovely idea). The dolls range in price from around £19.99 up to £39.99 with outfits starting at around £9.99 each. 

Do your children loves playing with dolls? 


**We received the Designafriend doll for free for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own. I retain full control of this post.**


  1. That's a really lovely doll. She looks great and have a cute outfit. Thanks for the tip with the hair I did worry about that with my daughter.

  2. Oh my gosh my daughter would have gone bananas for this doll when she was smaller, sadly at almost 14 she's a bit big for them now, but I have two tiny nieces that would love one when they are slightly bigger! Love all the little accessories too! :)

  3. This looks like such a lovely doll, I'd definitely consider getting one for Olivia when she is a little bit older.

  4. That is a lovely idea behind this doll. It would definitely make a fantastic Christmas present.

  5. I love this doll - my daughter loved dolls when she was younger and would have adored Holly. Kaz

  6. What a sweet looking doll and we love the packaging she comes in! Would make a great Christmas present x

  7. Oh thats really nice that you can get accessories and add things to the doll, perfect as a Christmas gift

    Laura x

  8. Such a cute doll! My daughter is just getting into the stage of loving dolls and I love it!

  9. This sounds like such a lovely. My daughter is just becoming old enough to appreciate dolls.