Thursday, 3 January 2019

James' Dream Pet with Petplan.

** Paid collaboration with Petplan. **

Like most children James has been desperate for a pet for as long as I can remember. We have had a few small pets (rabbits & guinea pigs) however a dog is the pet he has been longing for. Unfortunately since we are currently living in rented accommodation we aren't allowed any indoor pets.

So when PetPlan recently reached out to us and asked if James would like the chance to design his very own dream pet and have it made into a soft toy he couldn't wait to get started. He had gathered all of his pencils and paper before I had even finished replying to the email to say yes please!

We sent off his drawing and a few weeks later were so excited when a silky red bag arrived with his dream pet hidden inside. James was so excited when he came home from school to discover his dream pet had arrived and has carried his dog around everywhere with him since. It most certainly passes the snuggle test too as James has been taking his new best friend to bed each night. I think you will agree they matched the soft toy pretty much perfectly to his drawing!

Of course his dream pet was a dog but that's pretty but where the "normal" ended for his dream pet. This dog looks similar to a chubby pug but has a Harry Potter inspired lightening bolt on his head, a glowing golden crown, wings and is green! James described it as a mix between a cuddly pet puppy and a super amazing superhero!

I loved watching his imagination come to life on paper and listening to him tell me all about what he would call his dream pet, why he has each bit and all the things he would enjoy doing if he had a pet dog just this his dream pet.

We have always said that when we finally buy our own home a dog will be one of the first things we look to get to complete our family of four. We all love dogs and can't wait to have one of our own!

Of course when it comes to buying a pet there is a lot to think about and costs to consider aside from just buying your pet. There are the food costs, accessories such as leads, collars etc and one of the most important things, pet insurance.

PetPlan pet insurance looks to be a great choice for any pet owner, they are pet specialists and have an unrivalled knowledge of pet health. They have designed their policies to cover as many conditions as possible, and are able to pay 97% of all the claims they receive, giving you peace of mind when your pet falls ill or needs vet care. 

PetPlan work with more pet specialists than any other pet insurer, including 1,200 charities and over 4000 vets. They even have a Multi-Pet policy so if you have more then one pet you can get a £12 discount per pet when you insurance them together. 

For such a little cost each month you can have peace of mind that both you and your pets are covered!

Do you have any pets or is there a pet you would love to own?


**This is a paid collaboration. I was paid for this post as well as received the soft toy James had designed. However all words, opinions and images are my own and I retain full control of this post.**


  1. Oh I love the dream pet - it’s a good size too (not tiny as I first imagined). We have 2 dogs and a cat - and insurance is very important

  2. That is awesome, I love that he has his own dream pet to cuddle now

  3. Your son is so creative! I love how hes dream pet was bought to life.
    We use Pet plan and they are a really easy company to deal with x

  4. Lovely creation here. My kids have been asking for a pet. Think we will get a fish tank soon.

  5. How sweet - and what a great idea to give a child a mini project like this to get their teeth stuck into - I bet he loves it.