Saturday, 22 August 2020

How a Love for Being Creative Can Turn Into a Business

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If there was one subject I really enjoyed in school it was art. I loved having the chance to get creative, learn new skills and I actually wasn't too bad at it either. Ever since I can remember art was one of my favourite subjects and I have always loved drawing, painting or trying my hand at any other sorts of arts and craft type activities. In fact whenever we would get homework it was always the art or crafty projects I would finish with so much enthusiasm first.

I'm not sure quite why art resonated with me so much, perhaps because it gave me the freedom to express myself unlike any other subject. Or perhaps it's just because with arts and crafts I don't feel like there is ever a "right or wrong answer". There isn't the same kind of pressure of you as there is in other subjects and it can actually be a really therapeutic thing to do. It's probably why when I left school I went on to study art and design (fashion) at college too. A course that allowed me to explore my creative side, develop my drawing skills and even design my own clothes too!

As I've got older and had my own children, I havent lost my love for arts & crafts and love trying new things like turning my hand to creating some homemade gifts for birthdays and Christmas too. Plus when the kids get crafty homework project I am of course more than willing to lend a helping hand.

Over lockdown it was so hard being stuck in but one thing we all enjoyed doing whilst stuck in was craft projects. It was something we could do from home (so adhering to the lockdown restrictions) and it was something everyone could join in with from Evelyn who is 6 to us adults.

However lots of people have been taking their love and passion for arts and crafts and turning it into an amazing business over lockdown! Places like Etsy and Not on the High Street have become really popular choices for those looking to sell their crafts and products online. But starting a business can be a costly venture especially for those starting from scratch at home. One of the easiest way to start your own business with low start up costs is to use mock-ups of products to advertise (so you don’t have to spend lots on products to mock up physically). The design bundles website offers a wide range product mock ups including for t-shirts, canvases, door mats and even mug mockup options all at really reasonable prices too. Meaning you are able to give potential customers a real feel for your products without a huge cost outlay to begin with.

Other ways to help start a new business on a budget include setting up a free website, there are lots of different options out there as well as lots of "how to" type posts on making the most of your website. Also do not be afraid of asking friends and family to help! Word of mouth is often the best way to help promote a new business and friends and family are often more than happy to help spread the word and help you out. If you don't have a budget to pay for advertising at the start you could always offer product in exchange for reviews and feedback too.

With many people worried about job loses, hours being cut and mounting bills a side hustle such as a creative business that you can work around kids, work commitments or caring responsibilities can be a great way to earn a little extra cash from home whilst doing something you love at the same time.

I've been considering trying my hand at starting my own little side business selling Christmas items this year too. Perhaps decorations, plaques etc all hand painted for that personal finishing touch so watch this space to see what happens. I've always loved receiving personalised or homemade gifts and think they are a great idea to consider especially when it comes to special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas. It shows that lots of thought has gone into a gift idea plus when you buy (or make) homemade you are supporting a small business, a work at home mum or dad and potentially helping a new start up business.

Do you enjoy arts and crafts projects or do you like buying handmade craft items as gifts or for yourself?


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  1. Ive seen lots of people doing all sorts of crafting ideas, and have heard some people selling on places like Ebay etc, i wonder how many got the bug after doing it with there kids lol.

  2. Definitely give the business with Christmas items a go! I love that someone's creative outlet can also be an income for them!

  3. I love the idea of doing crafts myself but I'm not overly crafty, but the idea of setting up a Christmas shop is great, although you probably want to get in there soon x

  4. I’m freelance myself so love to hear ways creatives can turn their hobby into a job!

  5. Quarantine has definitely brought out people’s creativities and if they are talented as you are definitely should made it into a business. I too love personalised gifts.