Tuesday 18 June 2024

5 Greek Islands to Visit in 2024

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White-washed houses with domes of blue colour, the azure waters of the Aegean Sea are the highlights of the Greek islands. Quench your thirst for visiting these picture-perfect destinations with the Greece Packages from Mumbai as it provides access to its stunning beaches, magical islands, and taste of Mediterranean cuisine. 

With nearly two hundred plus islands in Greece, each is known for its attractions. Fill your shutterbugs with scenic views of brilliant sunsets, and beaches with aquamarine waters. Each island is an incredible beauty and has a deep connection with myth, and ancient history. 


Santorini is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and the gem of the Aegean Sea. Explore this iconic island famed for its gorgeous sunsets, crystalline water, and architecture with the Santorini Tour Package. Present-day Santorini is the remnant of a larger island that collapsed some millions of years ago during a volcanic eruption. Once a circular in shape the land that remains is the edges of the caldera. 

Officially known as “Thera” it enchants its visitors with its charming villages, such as Oia and Fira, and the sheer cliffs and white-washed towns create a unique splendour. The island is also known for its culinary delights that are prepared with fresh seafood, and locally grown products and have bursting authentic Greek flavours. 

Some of the best activities to embark on include hiking as it provides some spectacular views of the surroundings. Visitors can also enjoy island hopping, wine tasting, and exploring the ancient city of Akrotiri as it provides a sneak peek into the island’s past with meticulously preserved ruins dating back to the Bronze Age. 


Mykonos is full of little surprises for everyone as it is synonymous with cosmopolitan charm and vibrant energy. This Greek Island is famed for its pristine white sand beaches fringing the coastline, narrow cobbled streets, old windmills, and charming whitewashed architecture. 

One of the Cyclades islands, there is a beach for everyone as Elias Beach is reputed to be one of the most gorgeous beaches on the island. Mykonos’s Paradise and Super Paradise beaches are popular on the island and are known for being big party locations in the months of summer. 

To explore the coastline of Mykonos board a luxurious catamaran for a cruise. It is the best way to take advantage of the crystal-clear waters that encompass the island by snorkeling and swimming to your heart’s content. Most of these cruises also include dinner and a gorgeous view of the sunset aboard the cruise making it perfect for a romantic evening. 


Naxos Island in Greece is the largest and unblemished  Cyclades island located on the crown of the Aegean Sea. It is blessed with diverse landscapes varying from verdant valleys to alluring beaches and jagged mountains, Naxos offers a beautiful tapestry of unending natural wonders to explore. 

The island’s charming capital Chora lures visitors with its labyrinth of winding alleys, Venetian architecture, and buzzing harbour, where fishing boats mingle with luxurious yachts. Challenge yourself as you hike the tallest peak in Naxos Mount Zeus which is locally known as Zas. The mountain holds a great place in Greek history as the legend says it is the birthplace of Zeus, the god of the sky. 

History lies in each nook and corner of Naxos as you explore Portara an iconic door-like archaeological ruin. It is an enormous six-meter marble frame and is also known as the “Temple of Apollo”. Despite being unfinished it is a witness to the island’s rich history and ancient craftsmanship. 


Crete in Greek is an island embedded in myth, history, and natural splendour. It is known for its unspoiled beauty and is a chest of ancient treasures. Located in the southern Aegean Sea it is sprawled over an area of 8,336 sq. km.  

The prime attractions to explore here include the Knossos Palace which is a renowned Minoan archaeological site and provides a glimpse into the lifestyle which thrived here some three thousand years ago. Heraklion Archaeological Museum is located in Crete’s capital and sheathes an exclusive collection of Minoan artefacts which includes frescoes, and the famous Phaistos Disc.  

One is left awestruck by the pink sands and crystal-clear waters of Elafonissi Beach as this alluring beach lies nestled on the southwestern coast of Crete. Balos Beach is one of Crete’s most famous beaches known for its abundance of pale pink and white shells scattered around the sand. For locals, Samaria Gorge is a sacred place but for thrill seekers, it is challenging and a rewarding eighteen km hike filled with spectacular landscapes.  


Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese in Greece it takes you back in time with its stone-paved alleys, an old town vibe charming castles, and elegant mansions giving Rhodes the title of “Knight’s Island”. Visit Rhodes Old Town which is a UNESCO Heritage site and a medieval city encompassed by impressive forts and known for its Street of the Knights, Palace of Grand Master, and the Archaeological Museum. 

Lindos in Rhodes is a picturesque village that boasts of its whitewashed houses, charming alleys, and the Acropolis of Lindos as it offers beautiful views overlooking the Aegean Sea. Faliraki Beach is a vibrant resort area known for its lively nightlife, water sports, and sandy beach. 

Explore the Seven Springs or Epta Piges which is a tranquil spot and has seven natural springs that merge into a small lake providing respite from the heat. 

Conclusion: The Greek islands defined by their characteristics are divided into the Cyclades and Dodecanese islands. Each destination has an alluring charm from the ruins in Crete and Rhodes to the white-washed buildings in Santorini to the vibrant nightlife of Mykonos each island provides an unforgettable journey and carving a special place in your heart. 

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