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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dr Browns Bottles **REVIEW**

Peanut is a complete Milk'o'saurus! She loves her milk but does suffer with wind and struggles to bring wind up. So when we were given the opportunity to try out some bottles from Dr Browns we were excited to give them a go to see if they would help! Here is our review...

We were sent the Dr Brown's Natural Flow 240ml BPA Free Twin Pack.

These are priced at around £11.69 for the twin pack. 

The first thing I noticed is they seem slightly larger than other bottles. Then I noticed the blue tube running through the centre. This isn't something you find in other bottles so I was really intrigued to see whether it would make a difference to peanuts feeding.

This is what Dr Browns had to say about their bottles 

"We offer a complete feeding system for happier babies; one that includes the only fully vented vacuum free feeding bottle. Widely recognised by parents and health professionals as the most effective way of preventing colic symptoms caused by regular bottles and teats, Dr Brown's Feeding System offers your baby the opportunity for a more comfortable feed."

"Our Dr. Brown's bottle features a patented two-piece internal vent system that works unlike any other bottle design. The vent system fully vents our bottle for vacuum-free feeding, which we call positive-pressure flow, similar to breastfeeding. As the baby feeds, air is channeled from the nipple collar through the vent system, bypassing the breast milk or formula, to the back of the bottle. Air never mixes with the breast milk or formula which minimizes oxidation and helps preserve essential nutrients like vitamins C, A and E."

and here is a short video clip showing how the bottles work.

They did seem to help peanuts wind! She seemed less windy and uncomfortable after a bottle and was a lot less sick after a feed!
I was a little worried about how easy it would be to clean the bottles in particular the vent system as the tube is quite narrow, However each bottle comes with a little bristle brush which makes cleaning the bottles easy and simple!

We really liked Dr Browns bottles! We found them easy to use and really saw an improvement in peanuts discomfort due to wind after a feed when using these bottles. 

You can find out more about Dr Browns and their full range of products from their website or one of their social media pages -

Website - www.drbrowns.co.uk


* I was not paid for this review. All opinions given are my own.
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