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Saturday, 27 June 2015

A Family Day Out at Castle Combe - Grand National

James is a huge fan of motorbikes, largely helped I am sure by the fact his grampy owns one and regularly lets him sit on it, help him wash it and do all the checks etc. He is adamant he wants his own bike when he is older (much to grampys delight I am sure!) but he has quite a few years before that can happen just yet! 

So when we heard there was a Grand National Motorcycle race meeting being held at Castle Combe racetrack just a short car journey away from us we knew James would love it! Saturday morning the sun was shining and of we headed to the Castle Combe circuit. Prices were really reasonable at £10 per adult for 1 day admission (or £15 if you visit on the Sunday), under 16's were free and parking was also free! 

There were lots of different types of motorbikes racing much to James delight including the classic bikes, F2 sidecars, solo classes and also parades of some of the bikes! We found a great place to sit right on a bend so the bikes were slowing down so that James could get a good look. Did you know Castle Combe is the only race track where you can walk the entire way around and still watch the race the entire time!