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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

InstaGlam Glo-Up Girls Doll **REVIEW**

 **AD - Review**

Two of Evelyn's favourite things at the moment have got to be her dolls and surprise toys, like many other kids I am sure. So when we heard about the all new InstaGlam Glo-Up Dolls from Character toys that combine both of those things I knew instantly they would be a big hit. Containing a doll that also comes with 25+ surprises the unboxing is just as much fun as the playing, and there are four dolls to collect! 

The InstaGlam Glo-Up dolls are eye catching even from the shop shelves, with their shimmering and glam packaging they give a feel for what to expect from these fun fashionable dolls. With four dolls to collect I like that you are able to see which doll you are choosing within the box to avoid any duplicates. You can also take a peek at the 25 surprises too as the side of the box opens up via a small Velcro flap to reveal the surprises down the side of the box. 

Friday, 13 November 2020

Lite Brite from Basic Fun **REVIEW**

 **AD - Review**

There is something so nostalgic about seeing toys that remind you of toys from your childhood and then getting to share them with your own children isn't there? Last week I introduced Evelyn to Care Bears which were a definite blast from the past and this week I got to show her the awesome Lite Brite! 

Some of you will remember the classic peg art activity where you could great a picture using coloured pegs on a black board. Well Basic Fun have brought back this classic and I love that they have kept it as classic as possible, it is definitely taking me back to my childhood! 

Apparently the Lite Bright was first created in the 1960's, however I am a 90's child and vividly remember playing with one of these at my nans at the time which just goes to prove how popular this toy really is. Its a classic activity that never really ages or gets old and that is why I was so excited to share it with my own kids. 

Monday, 5 October 2020

NEW Smashers Dino Ice Age Range from ZURU!

 **AD - Review**

You may have spotted on one of my previous posts (the Rainbocorns series 3 review) that we recently became part of the ZURU Instagram League which we are super excited about. It means we get to bring you guys lots of exciting reviews of new toys as well as plenty of chances for you guys to win some of those toys too! Our review today is of the new Smashers Dino Ice Age Range from ZURU, a surprise egg with a roarsome twist! 

 ZURU’s Smashers have landed in the Ice Age! In this new series smash and discover a whole range of new prehistoric surprises through the icy and slimy depths! You will need to dig through a range of slimes and smash through eggs to find lots of prehistoric surprises, but who will you find? 

Here are some of the products in the new range - 

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Series 3 Rainbocorns from ZURU! **REVIEW**

 **AD - Review**

We all love receiving happy mail, but when you are six and a gigantic (and I mean ginormous) pink surprise egg lands on your doorstep, the excitement is next level! So can you imagine just how excited Evelyn was when this giant pink egg arrived for her to open? It is full to the brim with new and exciting toys from the new Rainbocorns range for her to open and we can't wait to share them all with you. 

It's actually part of a very exciting new project with ZURU that we were over the moon to be selected for. We are part of the ZURU Instagram Elite League, meaning we get to share lots of amazing toys from ZURU with you, share our thoughts and even give you guys the chance to win some amazing prizes too (check out my Instagram for more information about this). 

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Molkky Wooden Skittles from Tactic **REVIEW**

Now that the sun in shining we have been trying to get the kids outdoors more and enjoy the beautiful sunshine in the garden. Now the kids are a little older I have been on the look out for new garden toys, games and equipment to keep them entertained all summer, so when we were offered the chance to try out a Molkky wooden skittles set we couldn't wait to give it a try.

Molkky is one of the latest craze's in Finland and this Eco friendly game made from solid wood with minimal packaging making it friendly on the environment as well as lots of fun! The game is quick and easy to set up and simple to play.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Meegos - Series 1 **REVIEW & GIVEAWAY**

Have you seen Meegos yet? They are a super cute new soft toy on the market that combines the cutest of a soft toy with the love of collectibles and they have been a huge hit in our house already!

Meegos are no ordinary soft toy though! Every single Meegos toy is made in Bangladesh by a non-profit Fairtrade organisation which provides flexible and local employment. Each Meegos character takes 5 hours to make with a Mini Meegos taking 1.2 hours and the attention to detail is fantastic. Each one is unique and I loved knowing that each Meegos character is handmade. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Tech Deck **REVIEW**

Tech Deck is a brand I remember seeing around when I was a teen so when we were recently offered the chance to try out some Tech Deck products with James it definitely brought back some memories of my own childhood.

Whilst I may remember Tech Deck from my childhood, this year Tech Deck is back and even better than before! Tech Deck is the only authentic, miniature replica line of action sports toys and collectibles, featuring real graphics from the world’s biggest and most coveted skateboarding brands including: Primitive, Element, Plan B, Enjoi, Toy Machine, Baker, and many more! 

One of the products we received for this review was the Tech Deck SK8SHOP Bonus 6 pack. James loved the look of these and said the designs on the skateboards were "awesome". The set comes with 6 boards as well as extra wheels, tools and stickers so you can personalise all your boards. 2018 elevates the chase to build your collection with the inclusion of new scratch away graphics, retro board shapes, grind away trucks, 3.0 Tool design, bigger stickers, display stand and thrashed mold board! 

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Becoming babysitters with BABY born. **REVIEW**

I remember getting my very first BABY born doll as a child and being absolutely in love. I would care for my BABY born doll as if it was a real baby and I remember loving just how realistic BABY born looked. I can't tell you how excited I was when Evelyn began wanting to play babies and dolls as it took me right back to my childhood.

We were recently asked if we wanted to take part in the BABY born "babysitting" campaign they are currently running and Evelyn was so excited for her baby to arrive and to take part! When her BABY born arrived it was definitely love at first sight, she couldn't contain her excitement to get the baby out of the box and wanted to kiss and cuddle her as soon as we placed her in her arms. The doll has rarely left her sight since!

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Build-A-Bear Stuffing Station **REVIEW**

Both James and Evelyn love Build-A-Bear Workshop, we only have to walk past the shop in our local shopping mall and I'm certain I can hear their squeals of excitement! However the bears can be pricey and we don't always have time to go in so imagine their excitement when they discovered they could make their very own Build-A-Bear teddies at home!

The Build-A-Bear stuffing station is a kit that allows your children to make two of their very own Build-A-Bear cuddly friends from the comfort of their own home. It comes with all the fun bits that you would find at any Build-A-Bear store including stuffing your own bear, a magical heart to place inside your bear and even some accessories for your new cuddly friends including clothes.