Sunday, 17 January 2021

Swizzels Personalised Retro Sweet Hamper Giveaway!

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Things might seem a little rough right now with lockdown, rules, regulations and just the gloomy grey days of January, but I have something that might just cheer you up... a giveaway! And for a great prize too, a personalised retro sweet hamper from Swizzels

Packed full of delicious sweets from the Swizzels range including classic sweets such as Love Hearts, Parma Violets and Refreshers to some newer sweets such as the Squashies, you will find them all plus so many more inside this hamper. Plus it can be finished off with a personalised message inside, perfect to send to someone who might be finding things tough right now, someone who might need cheering up a little or just to enjoy for yourself! Plus don't forget Valentines day is just around the corner too so this would make the perfect valentines gift for someone you love too. 

If you want the chance win, keep reading below to enter. 

Thursday, 14 January 2021

4 Ways To Use Up Leftover Fabric, Ribbon and Haberdashery Items

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When I was younger I attended college to study on a Fashion and Design course and it was so much fun! We spent our days designing and making our clothes, eventually resulting in creating our very own collection and a fashion show in college as part of our final exam. 

I loved doing this course and one of the things I absolutely loved doing was visiting the fabric shop on the way to college to pick up any fabric, ribbons or accessories I might need for my pieces. The shop was always so beautiful, bright and a real cave of treasures and whilst the fabrics were stunningly beautiful, it was all the little accessories such as ribbon, buttons and appliques that I loved browsing. I think they have the power to transform a piece if you use them correctly. 

However once college had finished, I ended up with loads of things left over including fabric and lots of accessories too and since they were all to pretty to throw out but with no use, I just stored them in a box somewhere safe. But when I had kids this box became a treasure trove for my kids who love to crafts, stick and make. I figure I can't be the only one with a box of random fabrics, buttons, ribbons etc they have gathered up over the years (or maybe you have old clothes and jewellery you don't know what to do with). So I thought I would create a post with some great ideas on how to use up those bits and pieces in crafts! 

Monday, 11 January 2021

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Loved Ones Over Lockdown

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Lockdown has been tough on us all in some way, and one of the most obvious reasons people have been finding isolation and lockdown's hard is missing loved ones. Not being able to see our family, friends and loved ones has been so hard and still continues to be hard. Not being able to hug them, tell them you love them or even just check in on them is hard on everyone involved. 

But just because we may not be able to physically be with our loved ones right now, it doesn't mean we can't still connect with them in other ways and let them know we are thinking of them too. So here are 5 ways that you can stay connected and let your family & friends know you are thinking of them during these tough times.

Friday, 1 January 2021

New Year, Old Me....

 Every year, as the end of the current year ends and a fresh new one begins we often hear people talking about a new year, new you or setting themselves goals and resolutions for the year ahead. I myself have done this in past years and I think these can be really helpful for people to do, to focus on and to motivate them for the new year. 

However this year, after the all the crazy stuff 2020 threw at us all, there may be a new year but I am afraid the New Year is getting the old me this time! 

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

4 Ways to Re-Think Homeschooling

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With another lockdown and changing tiers/restrictions looming on the horizon for the new year, many parents may be again faced with re-thinking how they will need to home-school their children. Whether you were a stay at home parent previously or are now working remotely, educating your children from home can seem a daunting prospect, especially for those who may not be the usual primary caregiver. 

Here are four great ideas to help you face the challenge of home-schooling and come out with your sanity still in place.  

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

The Parking Lot Social - Cinderella Pantomime

 Christmas looked very different for so many of us this right, myself included. Cancelled plans, missing family and traditions that simply couldn't happen. As we all so desperately tried to find comfort in the smallest things and keep the magic alive for our children, for many it was a Christmas that just didn't feel quite "right". 

Whilst we were very lucky to be able to be together a family this Christmas, we were still so disappointed at all the plans we had to cancel, the kids missing the last few days of school due to isolating, no trips to see Santa and Christmas traditions that we just couldn't do. In the run up to Christmas it felt so hard trying to get into the "Christmas Spirit" with one of the kids isolating and not really being able to leave the house. 

Monday, 21 December 2020

Make Christmas Shopping Easy This Year With Very

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Who has started their Christmas shopping yet? With this year being such a strange one and with some restrictions meaning shops have been closed this year, I have been trying to get organised and get ahead this year by starting mine early. I've also done lots of my Christmas shopping online this year to avoid having to visit shops unnecessarily and one shop I have found to have a fantastic range of gift ideas is Very

Not only do they have some fantastic offers on some of the most popular toys and games this year, they also offer flexible payment options. On Very you will find a huge range of products and gift ideas for men, women and kids. The prices are competitive with other stores and online shops and they can often offer really quick delivery too (perfect for that bit of last minute Christmas shopping!). So when Very recently reached out and offered us the chance to choose a few items for the kids and help share their huge toy range this Christmas I jumped at the chance. With so many great products I wanted to share with you just some of the amazing items on offer and hopefully help you with a little inspiration for Christmas.