Sunday, 25 August 2019

A Family Day Out at Marwell Zoo

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With the sun promising to shine over the bank holiday weekend, a definite rarity, we wanted to make the most of it and so we headed over to Marwell Zoo for  a fun family day out. Located in Hampshire, UK the zoo boasts 100s of animals set over a 140 acre park with so much to see and do for the whole family, it sounded like a perfect family day out.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Family Meal Time Favourites - Classic Lasagne!

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Most parents will agree that family meal times are rarely easy, throw in some fussy eaters, a busy work schedule and various after school club and sometimes tea time feels like a mission in itself!

There are a few things I have found that definitely help including doing an online shop which means I can write a list, plan meals and stick to it rather than wandering round, filling my trolley with random bits only to get home and realise I only have one full meal for the week! Secondly I find making meals that can be either made in advance and frozen or chucked into the slow cooker are always winners as they save so much time, especially on those days we are all in rush.

The Ciao Gusto range from Ocado is always a go to for me when planning my meals as they have a huge range of ingredients from tinned tomatoes to pasta, wine to dessert and snacks and dairy products, all at really reasonable prices too. The Ciao Gusto range brings together over 30 of Italy’s most popular brands including Riso Gallo, Filippo Berio, Giovanni Rana and Cirio plus some lesser known brands such as Valsoia dairy free ice cream, Auricchio cheeses and Negroni charcuterie. So whether its old classics or new flavours you are looking for you always get the authentic Italian flavours with Ciao 

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Taking back control of our Internet usage with the Sky Broadband Buddy app.

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Technology is everywhere, in our homes, schools and day to day life and it most definitely has its uses. Whilst it is impossible to keep our kids away from the internet there are definitely ways that we can help keep them safe, restrict access and control how much time they do actually spend using it.  

I hold my hands up to admit that sometimes we spend far too much time online and using the internet in our house! So when we were recently asked to try out the new Sky Broadband Buddy app I knew it would be a great way for us all to limit our tech/internet usage and put us parents back in control. 


The Sky Broadband Buddy app is part of the new Sky Broadband Boost pack, which gives parents the ultimate level of control over their families internet usage. Through the app you are able to create a profile for each member of your family, adding pictures etc to personalise each profile. From here you can then link any devices in your home and pair them with an account (such as pairing your child's tablet or phone to their profile). 

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Travel and Holiday Essentials From PoundToy

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The summer holidays are under way and the sun is actually shining. So for lots of us that means one thing, holiday! Lots of us will be packing our backs and heading off on holiday this summer and those with kids will know its not so easy to do with little ones in tow. 

Whether you are traveling by car, plane or another mode of transport, there is no hiding the fact that kids get bored and they get bored quick! One thing I love to do to keep the kids entertained is make up a "travel pack" for them both. I usually use a cheap drawstring bag (as this can then double up as a swim bag or wet bag once on holiday if you wanted) and fill it full or toys, games and snacks to keep them busy. 

This summer I have made our travel bags using products from PoundToy and honestly I was so amazed and the huge range of products and the fantastic prices too. 

Saturday, 27 July 2019

David Charles Spring/Summer 2019 Collection **REVIEW**

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Evelyn is a total girly girl when it comes to clothes. If she could spend her whole life wearing dresses and pretending to be a princess I am pretty certain she would! She loves the glitz and the glam and if she can twirl in them then even better. 

So when Evelyn was recently offered the chance to choose a dress to try out from the David Charles Spring/Summer 2019 collection she could barely contain her excitement. I won't lie it took her some time to decide because every dress we saw she wanted and fell in love with. I can't say I blame her because honestly every dress was beautiful! 

She eventually decided on this beautiful Cream Floral Party Gown.

Friday, 26 July 2019

National Geographic - Build Your Own Volcano Kit **REVIEW**

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In our house we are huge fans of the National Geographic S.T.E.M range and you may have noticed we have been S.T.E.M ambassadors over the last few months sharing some pretty awesome S.T.E.M toys and activities from the National Geographic range and this month is no different! 

This month we were sent the National Geographic - build your own volcano set. It instantly brought back all the memories of making volcanos as a kid and watching them explode and erupt with a concoction containing vinegar and bicarb (I think!?). But anyway this kit it much better than that and it contains everything you need to build and erupt your own volcano as well as some pretty amazing genuine rock specimens to examine! 

Tuesday, 23 July 2019

A Letter To My Daughters Very First Teacher

Today as we got ready for school, pulled on uniform and grabbed book bags I fought back a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye. You see today is Evelyn's very last day in reception, her very first year at school. I thought that saying goodbye to her pre-school class was hard but this feels like a whole new ball game. 

You see over the last year you have become one of the most important people in Evelyn's life. You have probably spent almost as much time with her as me. You have become her friend, her confidence, her safe place and now she has to leave you behind to start the next part of her journey.