Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Make Christmas Shopping Easy This Year With Very

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Who has started their Christmas shopping yet? With this year being such a strange one and with some restrictions meaning shops have been closed this year, I have been trying to get organised and get ahead this year by starting mine early. I've also done lots of my Christmas shopping online this year to avoid having to visit shops unnecessarily and one shop I have found to have a fantastic range of gift ideas is Very

Not only do they have some fantastic offers on some of the most popular toys and games this year, they also offer flexible payment options. On Very you will find a huge range of products and gift ideas for men, women and kids. The prices are competitive with other stores and online shops and they can often offer really quick delivery too (perfect for that bit of last minute Christmas shopping!). So when Very recently reached out and offered us the chance to choose a few items for the kids and help share their huge toy range this Christmas I jumped at the chance. With so many great products I wanted to share with you just some of the amazing items on offer and hopefully help you with a little inspiration for Christmas.

Friday, 20 November 2020

12 Festive Delicious Treats to Make this Christmas - Bakes, Cakes and Chocolate!

There are so many things we all love about Christmas! The family time, the pretty decorations, driving down the roads and seeing beautiful Christmas lights twinkling in windows and I am sure the kids would say the presents and Father Christmas too! But one other reason why so many of us enjoy the festive season is all of the delicious food that seems to be around! 

Growing up I always remember my nan letting us come round on weekends in the run up to Christmas and teaching us how to bake all sorts of Christmas delights such as chocolate yule log and gingerbread, and it is something I have tried to carry on with my own children. There is just something so comforting about that delicious baking smell at Christmas time and there are plenty of recipes out there to try if you enjoy baking too. 

Below I have put together a list of 12 "must try" recipes and bakes that you could try this festive season and they all look totally delicious! Check out the list below and let me know in the comments which ones you would love to try this Christmas -

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Create a Video Message for Loved Ones This Christmas with SayIt

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Who is excited for Christmas? After the year we have had I can't wait to be able to get all excited about Christmas and just for a day or two feeling like something normal has happened this year! But whilst it will be nice to be able to celebrate Christmas, for some it will be another blow in not being able to spend the festive season with family and friends. Whilst we don't yet know what restrictions will hold over Christmas, for many Christmas will still be different this year. 

Some may be isolating, some may be shielding and others may just wish to stay away from extended family and friends to keep them and their loved ones safe. Who knows we may even be in another lockdown which restricts us all from mixing anyway (fingers crossed not though!). But is you are having to consider the possibility of not being able to spend Christmas with someone you love this Christmas I have a great solution for you so you can still let them know just how much you care... a video message or video card from SayIt

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Celebrating Christmas Apart With A Little Help From Moonpig

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This year has been a strange one hasn't it? And I think we would all be a little na├»ve if we didn't think that Christmas this year is also going to be a little different right?. Whilst none of us know what the future will hold in terms of lockdown & Covid restrictions or even if we will be able to see friends and family this year, but that doesn't mean we can't still show them how much we care by way of beautiful personalised carts and well thought out gifts.

However our Christmas might be effected by the current pandemic it doesn't have to stop us being able to spread a little bit of joy or bring a smile to somebodies face over the festive season.  So whether we are in lockdown or not, whether your family/friends like around the corner or around the globe Moonpig are on hand to help you make sure you can still send all of your loved ones beautiful gifts and thoughtful cards this Christmas without even needing to leave your home.

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Under 8 - Gift Guide 2020

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After the year we have had, I don't know about you but I cannot wait for Christmas to come round? Seeing all the decorations and gifts in the shops has got me all excited and I know the kids are looking forward to it too, after all its been a pretty rubbish year for them too! Now I think most kids are the same when it comes to writing a Christmas list (its never ending!) and it can be hard to decide what it worth buying and what isn't, especially for younger kids who love most toys they see. 

So today I have put together a gift guide full of great gift ideas for younger kids (mostly under 8) with a range of toys, activities, crafts and gadgets and to suit different budgets too. So whether you are looking for a main gift idea, some stocking filler ideas or a gift for a family member or friend, you are sure to find some inspiration below. 

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 9 - 14 years - Gift Guide 2020

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As out children get older it can become increasingly difficult to find Christmas gifts for them. This is especially true as our children head into their teenage years and they are all about technology and cash! Now I don't know about you but tech can be expensive and I still love being able to give my eldest some other types of gifts to open on Christmas morning too. Whilst it can be tricky to find great gift ideas for older kids, there are definitely lots of gifts out there.

So today I have put together a comprehensive list of gift ideas for kids age 9 years +, it is full of games, quirky gift ideas and even some cool fashion too. I have tried to limit the amount of tech gifts as I know this is mostly what my eldest asks for but when I surprise him with other gifts too he often finds things he loves but wouldn't have thought of! 

Gift Ideas for Mum - Christmas Gift Guide 2020

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This year has been a pretty strange one but I have been so excited to finally start seeing some festive bits popping up on my newsfeed later, cutting through all the doom and gloom! I know Christmas will be a little different this year, but that doesn't mean it is cancelled! In fact I am even more determined to make it a special year after a rubbish year all round so far. 

Aside from being with friends and family, the other thing I love about Christmas is being able to make people smile with a gift. So this year I have been trying to get organised ahead of time so I can drop off or post gifts to loved ones and friends to ensure that even if we can't be together this year, they will know I am thinking of them through a little gift. 

So once again this year, I have put together our popular gift guides, starting with our gifts for mum. Below you can find a range of gift ideas and suggestions to suit mums of all ages and to suit all budgets. From skincare and self care, to delicious goodies and some beautiful sentimental gifts too.