Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Bean Bag Bazaar Faux Fur Bean Bag **REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!**

**AD - Review**

Earlier this year when we started decorating the kids bedroom, one thing I knew I wanted to try and incorporate was a comfy, cosy reading corner for the kids to enjoy in their bedroom. Both James and Evelyn love to read both by themselves and together as well as bedtime story from me or their dad too of course. 

I set to work in building book shelves and filling them with lots of great books to read but we were still missing one thing, somewhere comfy to sit and read! So when the guys over at Bean Bag Bazaar got in touch to see if we wanted to try out one of their faux fur bean bags I knew exactly where we could use it, the kids reading corner! 

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

15 Fun & Festive Crafts For Kids (and grown ups!)

Both James and Evelyn love crafts all year round, but there is something about Christmas time that seems to ramp up their excitement when the crafts come out. Maybe its the huge tree in the middle of our living room that they seem hell bent on decorating head to toe in handmade decorations, or maybe its just the tinsel and glitter making us all a little wild.

Either way, when Christmas comes round I love getting out the craft box and getting stuck into some festive crafts with the kids. So in case you guys are like us, or your kids love getting crafty too, I have compiled (with the help of some fabulous bloggers) a list of 20 fun and festive Christmas crats that everyone can get stuck into over the Christmas period.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

How To Get More Organised For Christmas

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It is officially December and for the majority of us (myself included!) we are in full Christmas planning mode. Decorations, gifts, Christmas lunch, friends, family and ALL the wrapping! It can sometimes feel completely overwhelming and if you are anything like me, despite your best intentions, you will still be running around Christmas eve doing some last minute bits and pieces.

But this year I am determined to be better, I am determined to be organised. This Christmas eve I am making a promise to myself that on Christmas eve I will be at home, enjoying Christmas eve with my kids, making Christmas crafts and bakes, watching Christmas movies and best of all spending the day just chilling out together.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Swimming With Confidence Thanks to the k180 Michael Phelps Goggles!

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Sometimes I wonder if James was born part fish since he loves spending so much time in the water! But I have to hold my hands up and say that he has transformed his love for water into a passion for swimming, and now he loves swimming as part of a club. Entering competitions and gala's whenever he can and making some great friends along the way too.

James has been with the club a few years now and has won several medals at gala's in that time too. So back in October, when he was invited along with the club to swim camp he couldn't wait to get stuck in, learning new skills and of course enjoying a few nights from home in a hotel with his mates! But swim camp meant new equipment and with all the swimming they would be doing it had to be just right.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Emotion Pets - Toffee The Pony **REVIEW**

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A few months back Evelyn stumbled upon a show called Spirit - Riding Free over on Netflix and ever since then she has been absolutely besotted with horses! So much so in fact that she somehow even managed to convince us to spend a small fortune so she could go horse riding, but honestly her smile made it all worth while (even if it did rain the whole time!).

Sunday, 24 November 2019

Science Mad Chemistry Lab **REVIEW & GIVEAWAY**

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It may be well over 10 years since I left school but I still remember going into science class, seeing the Bunsen burners on the tables and knowing that it was going to be a good lesson. I mean what teenagers doesn't love the idea of burning stuff, making chemical reactions and maybe a few foam explosions in the process!? 

James is 10 now and had recently started taking a keen interest in science so I knew a good science kit would make a great gift this Christmas. So when we were kindly offered the chance to try out the Science Mad Chemistry Lab from Trends Toys UK I couldn't wait to see how James would get on. 

Bringing Imagination to Life with HugARmals from Mardles

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Children's imaginations are amazing aren't they? I absolutely love listening in when Evelyn is playing with her dolls and toys, because the stories she comes up with are amazing and give me tiny little glimpse as to what is going on in her head sometimes. But now HugARmals from Mardles are helping kids bring their imagination to live with a mix of adorable cuddly toys and an interactive app! 

HugARmals from Mardles are a range of cuddly toys that can be brought to live using the free Mardles augmented reality app. There are currently two different cuddly toys in the range, the friendly fire breathing dragon and a very sparkly unicorn.