Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Making The Laundry Routine Safe With Fairy Non Bio.

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I don't know about you but since becoming a parent I think the washing machine may have become one of the most used items in my house! The laundry basket never seems empty and I am pretty sure I even hear the hum of the washing machine in my sleep now.

But when you do your laundry have you ever considered how dangerous the products you are using could be for your inquisitive children? Children are natural little explorers and that's why its so important as parents we are aware of the dangers and try our best to prevent them!

Fairy non bio has been a staple washing product in our house since I first had children. I still remember the soft delicate smell and touch of those first tiny baby grows I first used it on and have never looked back. Being a brand loved by families Fairy Non Bio has gone one step further to help families my putting a child safety lock on their packs of laundry pods. 

Make-Up Tips and Essentials For Mums On The Go.

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Before I had kids I used to do my make-up every day, it was part of my normal routine and I would feel naked without my hair done and my make-up applied. However since becoming a mum I rarely have time to pull a brush through my hair! 

However with both the kids now at school and a pretty good routine going, I have started getting myself back into a good skincare routine and have actually found time to straighten my hair or put some make-up on from time to time. It's amazing how much more confident it makes me feel. 

Sunday, 17 March 2019

19, A New Baby and Postnatal Depression.

Falling pregnant at 18 wasn't exactly what I had planned as I was about to leave college. In fact falling pregnant or having a baby wasn't something I had ever really thought about. Me and my partner had been together two years and were both still living at home when we saw those two clear lines on the test and instantly felt panic.

(Photo credit to Emily from A Slummy Mummy)

You see we are led to believe that falling pregnant is always this magical experience, that we should always be excited and happy, counting down the days until we can tell the world and meet our new baby. But in reality that isn't always the case, especially when a baby isn't planned! I was 18, scared out of my mind and confused with the million questions and thoughts that immediately flooded my mind.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Moonlite Storybook Projector **REVIEW**

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If there is some thing James and Evelyn both look forward to at bedtime, its a bedtime story! Reading a book together before bed is something we have always done since they were babies and something we still do now. It just seems like such a lovely, relaxing way to end the day plus it helps the kids take 5 minutes to calm down before getting off to sleep.

Whilst reading books is looks of fun, the Moonlite storybook projector makes the bedtime story even more fun, projecting huge images onto the wall or ceiling to go along with our stories.

Moonlite storybook projector is a clever little device that attaches to your mobile phone or tablet and enables you to project a child's favourite stories onto any wall or ceiling.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

The Weekend That The Chicks Came To Stay!

Each year James' school have eggs in school which they then hatch into chicks and care for over a few weeks. Of course the chicks can't be left alone in school for the weekend though and after putting our name forward to care for them, last week I got the email to say James' name had been picked from the hat! We were getting the chicks to stay for the weekend!! 

Im not sure if I was more excited of worried, excited for these tiny fluffy baby chicks to be staying with us or nervous about keeping the schools precious chicks alive over an entire weekend. When we came to pick them up we were informed that one baby chick had in fact only been born that very day, it was so tiny and not even fluffy yet. 

Loading them into the car after school on Friday was like bringing home a newborn… I drove about 5 miles an hour the whole way home, heat lamp blaring and chirps coming from the boot. 

Monday, 11 March 2019

Exploring My Family History with Findmypast

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Where I come from and my family history is always something that has fascinated me. I remember back in school when we had to put together our family tree and I loved it! Finding out all about relatives from the past and seeing how everyone connected together was amazing. So when I was recently offered to chance to delve deeper into my history with the help of my DNA and Findmypast I was so excited to see what they would find. 

Findmypast helps you to uncover the amazing truth behind your ethnicity with the world's most advanced ancestry DNA test. In partnership with Living DNA, Findmypast doesn’t just look at the DNA you have and where in the world it's found, they also look for common patterns. This allows them to provide twice the level of detail of any other ancestry DNA test. They are even able to look at the British and Irish regions you descend from.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Pinkfong Baby Shark Plush Toys **REVIEW**

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Unless you have been living under a rock you will almost definitely have heard the Baby Shark song! Its a hit with kids everyone, and pretty catchy even for us adults too. You can't seem to go to a kids party, holiday clubhouse or even watch TV without hearing it (I am pretty sure it was even in the music charts at one point!).

As you can imagine my kids are huge fans and immediately jump to their feet to take part in the actions to the song (shhh don't tell anyone but my husband won a dancing competition at a kids party last week to the baby shark song too!). So you can imagine how excited, especially Evelyn was to hear there was a range of plush soft toys to go along with the Baby Shark song that sing along too.