Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Lumo Stars **REVIEW**

I don't think you are ever to old for a cuddly toy, especially a cute one! Even as a grown up I'm drawn to all the cute animal teddies I find in the gift shops when I leave places the zoo and my children are no exception to this either!

So you can imagine James and Evelyn's excitement when we had some super soft post arrive for them this week in the form of these brand new Lumo Stars plush toys. Cuddles were most definitely in order as soon as they came out of the packaging with both James and Evelyn commenting on how soft they were (and how cute!).

Lumo Stars are a brand new plush toy based on a children’s book, written by Kati Heljakka in April, 2017 called The Northern Brights Bed Time Story. The plush toys are based on lots of the characters you will find within the book. 

"Nordic animals live in a land, which is in turn filled by blinding light and mystical darkness. The nightless nights of the summer grow into a dusky autumn, and then a dark winter. Glimmering waters crystallise and form a crunching layer of snow, while a blanket with a thousand stars covers the sky as the year unfolds."

5 Of Our Favourite Kids Easter Eggs

It seemed like as soon as the clocks struck midnight on New Year the shops were stocking their shelves with Easter Eggs and other delicious goodies. A little early perhaps but I couldn't help but wander down the isle's dribbling at all the delicious chocolate and sweets on offer for this Easter.

There definitely seems to be more and more Easter egg varieties every year and this year is no exception. Easter goodies for kids don't just come in the simple egg shape anymore, they come in a variety of cute, fun and extravagant designs and shapes. Ranging from your cute classic Easter animals to kids favourites film characters such as Frozen and Minions!

As well as an Easter egg hunt, I like to get the kids one or two big eggs each to enjoy which they love so I thought I would share some of my favourite ones I have seen on the shelves so far this year.

Aldi Dairy Fine Mini Chocolate Eggs Easter Egg

Price - £0.65p
Pack Size - 128g

Mini eggs are a bit of a Easter staple in our house so this mini chocolate egg;s Easter egg is sure to go down a treat! The box contains a hollow milk chocolate egg with a helping of mini chocolate eggs, there is also a milk buttons version too. This product is suitable for vegetarians and at just 65p its a really affordable Easter treat.

Aldi Dairy Fine Curious Inventions Easter Egg

Price - £2.99
Pack Size - 200g

This Dairy Fine Easter egg from Aldi is a real show stopper for and children this Easter. The sweets are set into the chocolate at the front of the egg for an extra special treat this Easter. Each pack contains a milk chocolate hollow egg infused with a variety of flavours including Rocky Road (featured above), Popping Candy or even Honeycomb!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Peter Rabbit Easter Egg

Price - £6.99
Pack Size - 72g chocolate egg + plush rabbit toy.

To celebrate the release of the new Peter Rabbit movie, Cadbury have released this delicious dairy milk Easter egg with a very cute plush rabbit toy to accompany it. This would make a great Easter gift for any child this Easter since they will get the chocolate egg as well as this adorable rabbit plush to keep forever.

Choc on Choc Melt and Make Chocolate Egg Heads

Price - £12.00
Pack Size - 300g

Choc on Choc have some amazing products for kids this Easter including this Choc on Choc Melt & Make chocolate egg heads kit. With this kit you can create your very own chocolate masterpiece in egg form. The kit comes complete with plenty of Belgian milk chocolate buttons which can be melted down to create your hollow egg base. The kit also includes the moulds for your eggs, sweets for decoration and even a paper chefs hat.  This kit makes the perfect Easter activities for your little ones or even for an Easter themed party, its sure to keep everyone happy.

Price - £25.00

If you are looking for something a little different this Easter then look no further because Choc on Choc have you covered! They have come up with this fun and unique dress your own egg kit where kids can dress up there own chocolate egg using the paper dress up kits provided. The kits include characters such as superhero, fairy and even a pirate! Each pack of six white chocolate eggs contain a very special secret. When you remove the lid of your egg it will reveal a hand-painted white chocolate egg white and yolk, which when be tapped open it expose's the thick, gooey, chocolate sauce in the centre. These eggs are not only delicious but so much fun too and the highlight of any Easter table. 

Do you buy Easter eggs for your kids at Easter or do you do something different? If you do, what has been your child's favourite egg they have received?


** We received samples of some of these Easter chocolate products for the purpose of this post. However all words and opinions are my own and I retain full control of this post.**

Our Favourite Products For The Best Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is quickly creeping up on us and the shops seem to have been ready for months with their shelves stocked high with Easter eggs and chocolate goodies as far as the eye can see.

Every Easter my favourite part has to be setting up an egg hunt for the kids when they wake. Its lots of fun seeing them hunting together and seeing their excited little faces when they find an Easter treat. Of course with them both getting older my hiding places are having to get more creative but that's all part of the fun right!?

When I was little my nan used to hide the little foil covered chocolate eggs and I remember just how excited I was at seeing that little glimmer of foil peeking out from a drawer. But I have noticed that in the last few years there are so many more products on the market now designed for these kind of Easter hunts and it definitely makes it more exciting for the kids not knowing what goodies they will find!

With that in mind I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of the best Easter Egg hunt goodies I have seen this year, so here are some of my favourites...

Divine Milk Chocolate Speckled Eggs

Price - £4.75
Pack size - 170g

These cute speckled eggs are made from Solid Divine milk chocolate mini eggs encased in a crisp sugar coated speckled shell in an array of pastel colours. These eggs don't have a wrapper so would only really work for an indoor hunt, however they are so cute (and delicious) I had to include them. These eggs are fairtrade and suitable for vegetarians. They are also Free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

6 Of The Best Easter Eggs For Grown Ups!

When it comes to Easter us grown ups don't want to be left out! There are so many Easter eggs out their for the kids, but what about the grown ups? Well fear not there are lots of eggs out there aimed at us adults so we too can get out Easter chocolate fix!

Here are some of my favourite I have seen in the shops and online this year.

Divine Milk Chocolate and Tangy Orange Egg.

Price - £5.95
Pack size - 100g

If you love chocolate orange then this is the egg for you! This egg features a delicious smooth fair trade milk chocolate shell which has been infused with a natural orange flavour giving it the perfect tangy taste. The chocolate egg is a decent thickness and you can really taste the orange taste and the milk chocolate when you bite into the egg. The citrus tang to this egg was really good, it made the egg stand out to me from others out there as the orange flavour made it really moreish but not too sickly.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Project Mc² Ultimate Spy Bag **REVIEW**

As a parent I love the Project Mc² moto of "Smart is the new cool"! It gives me a huge smile across my face to know there are toys out there that are encouraging our children to embrance learning, education, science and breaking stereotypes and that is exactly what Project Mc² are doing! 

They have a huge range of dolls, toys and experiments inspired by real life and real people. Project Mc² is on a mission to help advance children in the area's of S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technologu, Engineering, Art and Math). The Project Mc² spy bag is one of those toys and Evelyn was so excited to receive one to review! 

Mothers Day gifts from **REVIEW**

Mothers Day is just around the corner (Sunday 11th March) I have been having a think about what to get my mum. I really wanted to get her something special to thank her for being such a special and important person in my life, she done lots for me this year especially and so I wanted to show her how much I appreciated it.

I often struggle with what to get her as I want to get her something that she will enjoy but that will be useful too, the last thing I want is to get her a gift that will just sit in its box or not be used. So when I recently came across the website and their huge range of Mothers Day hampers I knew I would find just what I was looking for. 

After having a good look through all the hamper options in the Mothers Day section (82 to be exact!) I chose the Best Mum Luxury Hamper because it had a great selection of products that I know my mum would love include some fizz and sweet treats.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

L.O.L Surprise Confetti Pop! **REVIEW**

L.O.L dolls are Evelyn's latest obsession! We can't even walk past our local toy shop without her having to stare lovingly into the window display that all seem to have L.O.L dolls in them at the moment. It seems these dolls have really taken over and with lots of different series (even pets) there are lots to collect!

L.O.L Surprise (Series 3) Confetti Pop are one of the latest releases from this world wide craze and they have stepped it up once again with another new surprise within the opening. Evelyn has seen these and has been so excited to get her hands on one, I have to admit even as an adult finding the little surprises as you unwrap the confetti pop is satisfying and exciting so I can really see why these are so popular.