Thursday, 5 July 2018

Party Popteenies **REVIEW**

Who doesn't love a party...? Well with Party Popteenies everyday is a party and YOU are invited! 

Party Popteenies are brand new to the UK and are a new range of super detailed collectibles with a unique way of opening and discovering the surprise. You will need to pull, twist and then and POP to discover which Party Popteenie you will discover amongst the cloud of glitter and confetti.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Yeoman - Sizzling Pubs **REVIEW**

I am always on the look out for family friendly places that I can take the kids for something delicious to eat that has a friendly family atmosphere. So when we were recently invited to try out the newly refurbished pub The Yeoman which is part of the family friendly Sizzling Pubs range situated in Witchurch, Bristol and we couldn't wait to try it out! 

When we arrived we were really impressed with the look of The Yeoman, it certainly didn't look like a typical "pub" and looked really inviting. It has a small outdoor area with tables and patio area if you are wanting to enjoy a nice cold beer in the sun which got a big thumbs up from my husband! 

There are two separate entrances at The Yeoman which are clearly visible, one is for the bar area and the other for dining. I thought this was a great idea especially when coming as a family as it meant we didn't need to walk through the bar area and could go straight into the dining area. 

Friday, 29 June 2018

There is a new Trunki in town... Percy Police Car! **REVIEW** & **GIVEAWAY**

We love Trunki's, they are fun, helpful and most importantly of all make traveling with kids so much easier! Trunki already have a great range of designs out including a zebra, grufalo and even a race car but there is a new Trunki in town... Percy the police car!

Percy is a vibrant blue colour with black and tallow wheels so you will definitely stand our with this Trunki in tow. Percy the Police Car Trunki comes with its very own glittery horns and sparkly stickers equipped to enforce the rules of the road!

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Twisty Pets **REVIEW**

Evelyn was so excited recently when she received a parcel which combined two of her favourite things.. cute animals and jewellery! The parcel contained the new Twisty Petz from Spinmaster which are twistable, wearable, fashionable pets that transform into cute bracelets and necklaces.

What makes Twisty Petz unique is that they can either be played with in toy form as a pet or with one simple pull can be transformed into cute jewellery. Transforming your Twisty Petz is really simple and after a few looks at the instructions I was able to do it in a few seconds. Even James who is 8 was able to master it after a few tries its really that easy.

Little Live Bizzy Bubs **REVIEW**

Evelyn is at that age where she loves anything to do with babies and dolls, so when we were recently given the opportunity to try out one of the Little Live Bizzy Bubs play sets I knew she would be the perfect tester.

There are several Little Live Bizzy Bubs playsets to choose from including walking bouncin Grace, crawling baby Primmy and peek-a-boo Swirlee. We received the peek-a-boo Swirlee set who comes complete with her very own car seat.

The peek-a-boo Swirlee set comes with the Swirlee doll complete with ice cream themed nappy and swirlee blue hair. The set also contains a car seat carrier which she fits into, dummy and bottle.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Family Holiday's at Bluestone Wales **REVIEW**

Last week we took the beautifully scenic drive over the bridge into Wales for a family holiday at Bluestone Wales. The kids and I were so excited and there was definitely cheering as we pulled up to see the tell tale Bluestone sign!

If you haven't heard of Bluestone National Park Resort, Its a fun and unique family holiday destination here in the UK!. Bluestone resort is situated within a 500-acre woodland that's set in the UK's only coastal National Park, it is bursting with wildlife and with over 100 exciting indoor and outdoor activities. Whether its relaxing woodland walks, a dip in the pool or thrilling tree top adventures you are looking for Bluestone has it covered. 

Adventure and Activities at Bluestone Wales **REVIEW**

Have you seen our recent post about our family holiday at Bluestone National Park Resort? If not head over and check it out here. You may notice I mention all the activities there are too do, however there is so much to do I wanted to make a separate post to tell you all about it rather than squeezing it into one post.

If you haven't heard of it before Bluestone National Park Resort is a fun and unique family holiday destination that's set in the UK's only coastal National Park  and within a 500-acre woodland! As well as the beautiful scenery and cosy lodges Bluestone has over 100 indoor and outdoor activities to keep you entertained during your stay! 

I wanted to talk you about a few of the activities on offer that we enjoyed during out stay or thought sounded particularly great!