Sunday, 15 October 2017

Will you pick Snot this Christmas with Smyths Toy Store?

This year Smyths want you to head down to your local Smyths store and pick snot! Yep you heard me right, pick snot! But wait not all is at it seems, put away your tissues and the idea's of kids with bogeys its this adorable little fella called SNOT!

Smyths have realised this cute little plush called Snot and for every snot you pick and take home with you your helping other children too. That's because all profits made from the sale of Snot will go to Great Ormond Street Children's hospital.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Fuzzy-Felts are back with John Adams! **REVIEW**

Fuzzy-felts are back, well actually I don't think they ever really went anywhere but John  Adams have recently brought out these fantastic Fuzzy-Felts sets that remind me of the sets I used to play with as a kid.

Fuzzy-Felts are one of those classic toys that most of us will remember playing with as some point in our childhood, a simple yet super effective toy that manages to capture the imagination off all regardless of age.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Im a Worrier, Its who I am!

I'm a worrier its who I am, I spent half my life making decisions and then wondering if I made the right one and that only got worse when I had kids!

We all just want the best for our children and so of course we want to make the best decisions and those decisions start as soon as they are born. I was filled with anxiety and worry about everything I did as soon they handed me my tiny baby in my arms. Was I holding him right? Was I feeding him right? Was he warm/cool enough... you get the picture.

The Smyths Toys Catalogue has landed!

The kids could barely contain their excitement this weekend when the brand new Smyths toy catalogue landed on our doorstep, they got straight to work circling all their favourite items and declaring what they would like for Christmas!

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Glimmies Rainbow Friends - Glimhouse **REVIEW**

I don't know many kids who don't love the magic and fantasy of fairies and now Glimmies are helping the magic come alive with their tiny Glimmies, the little star fairies!

Glimmies were sent by the moon to take care of the "Glimmieswood" forest animals and once dark Glimmies magically light up with the wave of a hand.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Cassie the Cat Trunki **REVIEW** and **GIVEAWAY**

Anyone who has travelled with children will know the sheer volume of luggage you need to take with you whenever you travel. Gone are the days of 1 suitcase, now 1 suitcase just about fits their toys and nic naks the kids insist on bringing. But the Trunki might just be the answer, with its generous space for all your kids items and doubling up as a ride on for tired legs the kids will be desperate to take their very own suitcase on holiday.

There are 2 new Trunki's on the scene now too, Rocco the racing car and Cassie the cat! We were very kindly offered one to try out, Evelyn chose Cassie and instantly fell in love when it arrived. The eye catching purple and cat details really stand out and give it the extra cuteness factor for sure.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Tinsy Winsy Weeny Tot Dolls **REVIEW**

Whenever Evelyn goes quiet you can almost guarantee to find her playing mums and babies with her dolls. She loves playing with her dolls, caring for them and playing mums so of course she wants to bring them with her everywhere we go! However her dolls are quite big and bulky and she gets tired carrying them around quite quickly, so when I heard about these new Tinsy Winsy Weeny tots dolls I knew they could be a solution!