Sunday, 22 April 2018

Swimming with a Swim Club

Swimming is a skill I have always been insistent my children learn. Water can be so dangerous if children don't know how to swim and its everywhere we look from the beach to pools and on holiday. So booking swimming lessons was something top of my list and both James and Evelyn started swimming lessons around the age of 3.

James is now almost 9 and has really enjoyed swimming since the age of 3. He and Evelyn have always been water babies and so getting them into the pool was never difficult. James took to swimming lessons really well and moved up classes quickly once he had got the hang of the basic strokes. He was so excited last year to be invited to join a local swimming club which is where he now swims.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Crocodile Dinner game **REVIEW**

Now the kids are getting a little older we have made Saturday night games night in our house!

Both the kids love playing games and the idea of a "late night" so since they don't have school the next day we decided setting a little bit of time aside on a Saturday evening would be perfect. Its a great opportunity for us all to sit around together away from the screens, mobiles and technology and have great fun playing games and enjoying conversation.

Of course this means we are always on the look out for new games to enjoy and when the opportunity came up to try out Crocodile Dinner from Sambro I just had to say yes, it looked like so much fun!.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Disney Vampirina Boo-Tiful Costume **REVIEW**

Evelyn loves to dress up! In fact you are more likely to find her parading around the house in a fancy dress costume than "normal" clothes at any given time. She loves her dressing up box and we are always looking for new costumes to add to it, so when we were recently offered the chance to try out a new costume, the Disney Vampirina Boo-Tiful costume I knew Evelyn would be up it!

The costume is Disney Junior's Vampirina, a show she has been watching since it first came on the screen and the catchy theme tune even has me humming along. 

Meegos - Series 1 **REVIEW & GIVEAWAY**

Have you seen Meegos yet? They are a super cute new soft toy on the market that combines the cutest of a soft toy with the love of collectibles and they have been a huge hit in our house already!

Meegos are no ordinary soft toy though! Every single Meegos toy is made in Bangladesh by a non-profit Fairtrade organisation which provides flexible and local employment. Each Meegos character takes 5 hours to make with a Mini Meegos taking 1.2 hours and the attention to detail is fantastic. Each one is unique and I loved knowing that each Meegos character is handmade. 

Monday, 9 April 2018

Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies **REVIEW**

Like most children her age Evelyn is a huge fan of anything animal related, so you can only imagine her excitement when a very cute pink pony toy landed on our doorstep for her to try out!

Zoomer from Spin Master have a great range of interactive toys and the Zoomer Zupps pretty ponies are one of the latest addition to that. These adorable ponies fit in the palm of your hand and as well as being very cute they have a whole range of tricks and games to play with you.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Tech Deck **REVIEW**

Tech Deck is a brand I remember seeing around when I was a teen so when we were recently offered the chance to try out some Tech Deck products with James it definitely brought back some memories of my own childhood.

Whilst I may remember Tech Deck from my childhood, this year Tech Deck is back and even better than before! Tech Deck is the only authentic, miniature replica line of action sports toys and collectibles, featuring real graphics from the world’s biggest and most coveted skateboarding brands including: Primitive, Element, Plan B, Enjoi, Toy Machine, Baker, and many more! 

One of the products we received for this review was the Tech Deck SK8SHOP Bonus 6 pack. James loved the look of these and said the designs on the skateboards were "awesome". The set comes with 6 boards as well as extra wheels, tools and stickers so you can personalise all your boards. 2018 elevates the chase to build your collection with the inclusion of new scratch away graphics, retro board shapes, grind away trucks, 3.0 Tool design, bigger stickers, display stand and thrashed mold board! 

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Lumo Stars **REVIEW**

I don't think you are ever to old for a cuddly toy, especially a cute one! Even as a grown up I'm drawn to all the cute animal teddies I find in the gift shops when I leave places the zoo and my children are no exception to this either!

So you can imagine James and Evelyn's excitement when we had some super soft post arrive for them this week in the form of these brand new Lumo Stars plush toys. Cuddles were most definitely in order as soon as they came out of the packaging with both James and Evelyn commenting on how soft they were (and how cute!).

Lumo Stars are a brand new plush toy based on a children’s book, written by Kati Heljakka in April, 2017 called The Northern Brights Bed Time Story. The plush toys are based on lots of the characters you will find within the book. 

"Nordic animals live in a land, which is in turn filled by blinding light and mystical darkness. The nightless nights of the summer grow into a dusky autumn, and then a dark winter. Glimmering waters crystallise and form a crunching layer of snow, while a blanket with a thousand stars covers the sky as the year unfolds."