Thursday 28 March 2024

10 Low-Cost Easter Activities to Do with the Kids

Easter is just around the corner, and while it's a joyful time for families, it can also come with expenses. However, celebrating Easter doesn't have to break the bank. There are plenty of low-cost activities that you can enjoy with your kids while still creating cherished memories.

Here are ten ideas to inspire your Easter festivities without straining your wallet:

Decorate Eggs:

Dating back as far as the 13th century, painting eggs is a fun way to celebrate Easter with the kids as well as a great way to talk about the traditions around it too. To do this you just need to purchase a carton of eggs, some dye or paint, and let the kid's creativity flow. Some people like to empty the eggs first but I found this made them very delicate for little hands so you are better off keeping them full! You can also use natural dyes like beet juice or turmeric for an eco-friendly twist or challenge the kids to create their favourite book character for example in egg form.

Easter Egg Hunt:

A favourite with all kids (and grown-ups!) Easter egg hunts are loads of fun and don't have to be expensive either as you can pick up small foiled eggs fairly cheaply that are perfect to hide. You could organise a personal Easter egg hunt in your garden or invite lots of friends and perhaps head down to your local park or outdoor area, if you don't have an outside area to use keep an eye out for a local easter trail near you. You could also use plastic eggs filled with treats or coins for added excitement. If you are trying to keep it fair or having varying ages perhaps give each child a colour egg they need to find and they can only pick up eggs in this colour, so everyone ends up with the same amount.

Easter Crafts:

One of my kid's favourite Easter crafts if making Easter bonnets! You can pick up loads of cheap supplies for these (Including a base hat) in supermarkets and discount stores and the kids will spend hours drawing, sticking, and making their bonnets. You could even check local pages as places will sometimes run Easter bonnet parades or competitions where the kids can show off their crafts once made too. Of course, there are lots of other crafts too and you can just gather some basic craft supplies like paper, glue, and scissors, and spend the afternoon making Easter-themed crafts such as bunny ears, paper plate chicks, or homemade Easter cards.

Bake Easter Treats:

Whip up some Easter-themed treats like hot cross buns, bunny-shaped cookies, or nests made from chocolate and cereal. Baking together is not only fun but also teaches valuable skills and can be done at a low cost (especially bakes such as rice crispies treats or cornflake cake nests!) If you are feeling generous you could always hand these out too your neighbours as an Easter gift, I am sure they would love the gesture.

Nature Walk:

Easter marks the start of Spring and you only have to take a look around to see all the changes taking place outside, making it the perfect time to take a walk! Take a leisurely stroll in your local area or travel to a nearby nature reserve to enjoy the spring blooms and look for signs of Easter, such as budding flowers or chirping birds. You could even set the kids a challenge to spot as many signs of spring as possible or create a "signs of spring checklist" where they tick off things as they see them. Don't forget your wellies though as it might still be a bit muddy!


Spend quality time with your kids by reading Easter-themed books or telling stories about the origins of Easter and its traditions. Why not take the opportunity to head to your local library and see what Easter books you can find. Or if you are looking to purchase new books, have a rummage around your local charity shops they often have books for under £1 (our local charity shops often have 3 books for £1 offer!).

DIY Easter Basket:

Instead of buying pre-made Easter baskets, create your own using items you already have at home or you could pick things up from local charity shops or discount stores such as Home Bargains and B&M which often have loads of great bits for under £1. Use colourful paper or fabric to line a basket and fill it with homemade treats or small toys and then hand these out to loved ones as an alternative to chocolate eggs.

Plant Seeds:

Spring is a great time to get outside and start gardening, this can include planting seeds. You could start a small herb garden, plant flowers, or even grow your own fruit and veg to enjoy later in the year. If you are unsure of what to plant or when you should plant it, you could always use a "seed sowing calendar" which will show you when the best time to plant each thing is.

Outdoor Picnic:

If the weather is kind why not get outside and see all the signs of spring with a picnic. Pack a simple picnic and head to your local park or backyard for a day of outdoor fun. Remember to bring a blanket and some Easter-themed snacks. You could also bring some outdoor games or a football, my little girl also loves taking a big tube of bubbles for her to chase around!

Easter Movie Marathon:

Grab the snacks, stay in the your pajamas and get all the blankets! Set up a cosy movie night at home with classic Easter movies like "Hop" or "Peter Rabbit." Pop some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch, and enjoy a relaxing evening together.

Remember, the true essence of Easter lies in spending time with loved ones and celebrating the joy of spring. With these low-cost activities, you can create lasting memories without breaking the bank. Happy Easter!


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