Sunday 15 March 2020

Spring Themed Crafts For Kids

The evening's are slowly getting lighter, in fact my husband actually got home from work before dark last week! The ground is covered with pops of bright yellow daffodils and Easter eggs are lining supermarket shelves, which must mean that Spring is almost here!

Spring is such a beautiful season full of so much colour, I love watching the ground, plants and everything around me spring into life as spring progresses and it certainly cheers you up a little after a wet, windy, stormy and cold winter right!?

When it comes to spring me and the kids love creating and trying out lots of different crafts based around the season and here are some of our favourite Easter activities and Spring crafts for you to try too.

Hapa Zome - Flower Printing

(Photo credit - Thimble & Twig)

Hapa Zome is the Japanese term for beating or tapping leaves or flowers with hammers,  pounding their natural pigment into cloth. Hapa Zome is essentially just banging a stone on some flowers or leaves to make a print pattern, although you could use a hammer if you wanted! 

All you need to do this craft is a selection of flowers and leaves, cotton or calico fabric and a large rock or hammer. You can choose to either fold a long piece of material, sandwiching your leaves and flowers in between and creating a mirror image. Or you could use two pieces of fabric of a similar size, placing one on top of the other with the leaves and petals in the middle and have two similar prints of two different pieces of fabric.

However you decide to do it, you will be sure to be left with some beautifully vibrant and very unique floral prints that scream spring flowers and blossom.

Easter Bonnets

As well as the many Easter egg hunts that take place over spring and the Easter break, there are also many Easter bonnet parades that take place alongside these too. My kids love getting creative and designing there own Easter bonnets, armed with a cheap hat base, a multitude of craft goodies including some Easter chicks and fake mini eggs and a pot of glue, they will sit for hours sticking and getting creative.

They then get to wear them to a local parade or even school if their school do a Easter parade which they both love doing. Its lots of fun and a great fun craft that kids can mostly do independently too. Shops such as poundland, b&m, home bargains and hobbycraft often have a great range of Easter craft goodies that could be used for this (and many other crafts) if you are looking for Easter themed goodies.

Cupcake Case Daffodils 

(Photo credit - The Bear & The Fox)

There is something about daffodils that isn't remind us of spring right? Maybe its because of their resilience to pop up even before spring is here, through winds and rain there stand strong as little pops of yellow sunshine on dark winter evenings. I just think daffodils are such a cheery happy flower and I love having a vase of them on my window sill as often as I can.

However that does mean replacing them when they die, but with this fun craft you can have a vase of daffodils all year long if you want too as these will never die or wilt! To make these you will just need two sizes of paper cupcake cases in shades or orange, yellow and cream and some green pipe cleaners. Place the smaller cupcake case inside the larger one and stick down, contrasting colours work great. Then attach your green piper cleaner and place into a vase to cheer up and room in your home.

Spring Blossom Sun Catchers

(Photo credit - The Gingerbread House)

I have everything crossed that the spring will bring with it the sunshine! And these super easy sun catchers look amazing in any window when the sun shines through them. Before you get started take the kids out and let them forage for leaves, petals or any other spring items they can find. This is a great chance to talk to kids about all the changes that happen in spring too.

Once you have a good collection of leaves, petals and flowers you can get started on creating your sun catcher. To create these first create a ring made of paper or card, card works best as it's more strudy. Then cover one side with sticky contact paper leaving the other side sticky. Allow the kids to stick their foraged goodies onto the stick side of the contact paper, this could be in a pattern or however they feel. Once they are finished sandwich the petals etc in with another piece of contact paper on the other side and your sun catcher is ready to capture the sun!

If you would rather not use leaves/petals or do not have contact paper to hand, you can always create this part by using different colours of tissue paper and sticking this over the hole in a pattern or shapes.

Easter Egg Making or Decorating

(Photo credit - Hodge Podge Days)

We all love an Easter egg at Easter right? They have been hitting the shop shelves since early February! But what about having a go at making your own? You can pick up handy kits such as the one shown above from Choc on Choc or you can purchase moulds from places such as amazon. Then you just need to choose your favourite chocolate flavour, melt it down and line the moulds.

Once your eggs are set in the moulds, carefully remove them and use cooled melted chocolate to decorate and to stick various sweets etc to your egg, you could even make egg faces! Its lots of fun, will keep the kids entertained and you are left with a yummy egg to eat at the end, what's not to love!?

Grow Your Own Plants, Flowers and Veg

(Photo credit - Growing Family)

Ok so this one isn't quite a "craft" as such but it is still lots of fun and something the kids can get stuck into. Spring is the perfect time to plant lots of different types of plants, flowers and veg seeds. Getting kid's interested and excited about planting their own seeds is not only lots of fun but really educational too as they watch and learn all about how plants grow.

If you are unsure when to plant the seed packs usually have all this info on the back so be sure to double check before you purchase. The information provided will tell you the best time to plant the seeds and also where to place them in the garden for the best chance at growing.

Spring is also a great time to plant and sow packets of wildflower seeds! Not only will these look beautiful as they grow but they will provide a home and food source for local wildlife including insects and birds.

Pom Pom Spring Garland 

(Photo credit - A Rose Tinted World

Pom Pom's are a great easy and fun craft for kids (and adults!) of all ages to make, they are also a great way to use up any scraps of wool you may have laying around too. This spring garland uses cute spring animals made from super fluffy pom poms including bunnies and bees but you can of course choose different animals or have lots of different animals if you wish.

Once you have made your pom pom's you can use a variety of different craft materials such as felt, paper and even googly eyes to decorate your animals. You could even create some felt or paper flowers to add to your garland too. When finished you can hang your garland anywhere around the home to give any room that spring feel finish.

Do you or your kids have any favourite spring crafts or do you fancy trying any of the ones above? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. Some really fun ideas here! I don't have kids but many of my friends do, and right now schools are closed and they are losing their minds. I'm gonna share this so they can do some crafts at home!

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  6. These are some wonderful spring crafts to get the kids involved with, especially the flower dye printing.

  7. Some wonderful ideas, I can remember having to make an Easter bonnet for a parade each year when I was at school

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