Wednesday 18 March 2020

The Benefits of School Uniform

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Although many children would probably disagree, there are many benefits to wearing uniform in schools. It’s a tradition that’s been around for many years and is argued to improve the educational system and overall performance of students in many establishments. 

Some students are required to wear a blazer and tie, whilst others take a more casual approach. Regardless, the benefits are undeniable. A day and boarding school in Hertfordshire explain a little more about this below. 

First and foremost, school uniform provides a sense of unity and community spirit amongst students. They are able to feel like part of a wider whole because they are all wearing the same clothes. What’s more, this reduces an element of competition among students as they don’t have to think about fashion trends. This removes the possibility of social segregation and bullying and eradicates the need to put together and enforce various dress code policies. These policies also help schools to ensure that the clothing worn for school is practical and sensible for any tasks or activities which children might take part in during a school day. 

Children wearing uniform will be smartly dressed in an appropriate way that represents the school.

While school uniform can be quite an expensive investment at the start of the school year, it is far cheaper than having to stock wardrobes with different outfits for each and every day and keep up with changing trends. Lots of school uniform shops even have easy payment plans to help spread out the cost of the uniform in smaller instalments. Plus its always worth checking which parts of a uniform need to have the logo and which you can just buy from a supermarket in keeping with the school colours etc. This can really help keep the costs down too whilst still sticking to the school uniform rules and guidelines set out by the school.

Two to three sets of uniform can last at least a year, depending on how much your child grows, but remember to sew in name tags in case anything goes missing Uniform also helps children save time in the morning as they won’t have to consider what they going to wear; they will already know. As they get older this will also mean children will be able to find their own uniforms and lay these out for the next day, enabling them to take some responsibility for their own uniform too. 

One argument against school uniform is that it can prevent students from expressing their individuality. However, this can be done in other ways such as arts, music, sports and other extracurricular activities. A uniform cannot stop a personality from shining through and that is what really makes us all individuals not what we wear. 

How do you feel about school uniform? How about your children? Do they enjoy wearing it? 


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