Saturday 19 October 2013

Lunch ideas

Hello Everyone,
I don't know what it is about the winter but it makes me want to get my cook books out and start baking and cooking up new things.
This week I am going to get my cook books out and start looking for new recipes to try for lunch time. I often find I cheat at lunch time and just revert back to the usually sandwich and crisp or mini pizza for James which as much as he loves must get a bit boring!
I also want to try and look at some new hot lunch ideas for him as he goes to nursery in the afternoons so it would be nice for him to head off for the afternoon with a nice warm meal in his tummy.
I have a soup book so I think I am to try making some chunky style soups which me and James could both enjoy with some crusty rolls/bread.
So this is where I need your help!
Please comment below with your lunch ideas it doesn't matter if they are hot or cold just something a bit different that mummy and kids can enjoy. I am going to pick some of the ideas and try them next week and post about our new lunches!
I look forward to hearing your lunch ideas.


  1. Wraps are always fun! Instead of making a cold cut sandwich with regular slice bread, try it with a tortilla wrap. they are super fun and pretty. =]

  2. Beans on toast, cheese on toast or tomato soup with toasted muffins are firm lunch time favourites for my two x

  3. Im the same as you at the moment and have been searching the internet for recipe ideas. I am making a quick and easy fish pie for tea tonight. Going to be making Leek, Bacon and Potato soup next week and out come the casseroles and stews. Gotta love autumn and winter food

    Thank you for linking up with the Weekend Blog Hop

    Laura x x x

  4. For lunchtime if it's hot and cooked I keep it simple and make something like sausages in a brioche bun or mini hamburgers served with steamed broccoli.

  5. Scrambled eggs is our main stay these days - but then we have five eggs a day to get through, so it's always 'something' with eggs!