Tuesday 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone!

Well it's that time of year again it's new years eve and it's that time of year where we all look back at what we have done and accomplished this past year and things we maybe didn't achieve. 

This last year has been a good one for us we fell pregnant with baby no2 and had a lovely family holiday just the 3 of us, a caravan and quality time. 

Most years I find myself here on New years eve deciding what my new year resolutions will be or what I'm going accomplish for the following year. However this year is slightly different yes I hope the next year if full of lots of success, happiness and love for all of us but I don't have any resolutions as there too easy to break! This year I'm going to promise myself to carry on being the best mummy I can to James and the New baby when he or she comes along, I'm going to promise to smile as often as I can and try not to worry to often about trivial things! 

So from me and James we wish you a happy New year and that 2014 if filled with everything you want :) xxx

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