Saturday 14 December 2013

Reindeer biscuits!!

James loves to bake and what better excuse to bake than it almost being Christmas? I used to love baking with my nan and so it's always nice to share that passion now with my own kids. Plus, who doesn't love the smell of fresh baking through the house? Since its almost Christmas we decided we would have a go at making our own version of reindeer biscuits using a simple biscuit recipe and some pretzels, keep reading below for the recipe. 

They were simple to make and even more fun to decorate!

Ingredients - 

100g caster sugar
100g butter
1 egg
250g plain flour  
1tsp vanilla extract

+ these items for decoration-
small pretzels
chocolate sprinkles
icing sugar

Method - 

- Preheat your oven to 180 degree C and then line a baking tray with grease-proof paper.

- Cream together the butter and sugar (I find it easiest to use an electric whisk for this) Then add the egg and vanilla extract into the butter and sugar and mix well.

- Now gradually add your sieved flour into the mixture and mix well until it forms a dough. 

- Place your dough on to a well-floured surface and roll it out until it is just under 1cm thick. Now cut out your biscuit shapes, I used a round cutter to form the reindeer face, but you may wish to use a different shape.

- Place your cut out shapes onto your pre-prepared baking tray and prick them with a fork several times then place into the oven for around 12-15 minutes. After around 6 minutes in the oven remove the tray from the oven and place to pieces of broken pretzel in the top of the biscuit to form the antlers. Place back in the oven for the remaining time and until golden brown. 

- When cooked leave to cool on a wire rack and then add your decoration. We used red smarties for Rudolph's nose and royal icing and chocolate sprinkles for the other features. You can use whatever you like to decorate yours! 

We had lots of fun making these and I think they would make a fab treat for your little one to leave out for Father Christmas on Christmas eve!

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Are you doing anything Christmassy??

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