Thursday 16 January 2014

Growing up to quickly!!

Hello everyone,

So yesterday was the final day for school application submissions and this time it was my time to get all nervous and stressed. 
You always here other mums talking about school applications and places but in my head it was never going to be my babies time to head to BIG school! But the time has come this year and I have stressed so much about school places it's unreal. 

I spent last night crying my eyes out, for some reason despite the fact I submitted the school application week's ago having the deadline day come seemed so final that it was actually happening.... My little boy going to SCHOOL!! 
I have all the usually parent worries I think.. What if he doesn't make friends or gets bullied, what if he hates school and I've chosen the wrong school for him!?!

I really don't think the pregnancy hormones have helped make this easy lol or the fact that last night my usually energetic bouncing off the walls, hyper little boy decided to turn into a cuddle monster making me even more upset that I'm going to be sending him off into the big old world of primary school!

How did other mums feel sending there little ones of to school?!?

James settled so well into nursery, we've never had tears or tantrums about going and he has so many friends there he gets upset when he can't go lol! So I'm hoping his outgoing personality will help settle him into primary school just as well as he settled into nursery!

When did my tiny baby turn into such a grown up handsome, confident young boy!?
 I'm pretty sure I blinked and missed it lol!


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