Tuesday 11 February 2014

2014 MAD blog awards!

Hello everyone!

The MAD blogs are open for nominations for 2014 and I would love it if you would nominate my blog!

You can vote by just clicking on the pic below and I would be very flattered and grateful if you did so :)

I hope you are all enjoying reading my blog and are finding the reviews and tips I post up useful.


MAD Blog Awards


  1. Good Luck but please remember you dont need a blog award to tell you if your blogs good. If you love your blog and enjoy writing then thats worth more than any award x

    1. Thanks :) oh yes I really enjoy writing my blog so that's always my main focus xx

  2. I agree with Emma! Good luck but it's all about the passion, winning awards is nice but even the most famous blog writers didn't ever win anything :) x

  3. Good luck, ive just found out ive been nominated in 5 categories which has made my day! Wishing you all the very best xx

  4. Really appreciate you posting about the awards, best of luck for those nominations!
    MADs Editor

  5. Good luck ... it's always good to have some sort of recognition for all your hard work! :-) x