Thursday 20 February 2014

Half Term!!

"School holidays!"

The 2 words to strike fear into most parents lol! now dont get me wrong it's not that I don't want James home from nursery I love spending time with him! But I know it's a time I need to fill with activities and things to keep a hyper active preschooler occupied and not bored! 

Now this is much easier in the summer filled with picnics and afternoon's in the park and days on the beach, but in the winter it's usually cold and wet and going anywhere indoors costs money! 
It's made even harder by the fact James loves nursery so the mere mention of nursery being closed sends him into some kind of preschooler tantrum that can be heard for miles around usually followed by more moaning lol! 

I do try and plan days out of the house visiting friends and park visits (weather permitting) and I also have a craft box stashed away for rainy days stuck in! 

However for some reason this half term felt different for me! I'm not sure if it's because I know soon this baby will come along and these days of just me and James are going to come to an end soon or because he is growing up so quickly and the thought of my baby heading of into the world of school just makes me want to wrap him in bubble wrap and keep him under my wing forever. 
But it was different... We have had a lovely week of cuddles under the duvet on the sofa watching dvds, visiting old friends and doing baking. We have laughed, played and cuddled and the normal stress of school holidays hasn't seemed to rear it's ugly atal head this week!

I even got a sleepy cuddle from my little man and it was so special!

This half term has been lovely! 


  1. I love spending time with Mr Fussy too, it's so nice when he is home from Nursery but now what you mean as he is also very active so usually have lots planned and my giant craft box, This half-term he is poorly so had lots and lots of cuddles. Enjoy what's left of your week.


  2. awww I can't remember the last time Carson fell asleep on me, your pic is lovely! x

  3. I don't have children but I do love half term. It makes the journey to work about 10 times quicker! I don't know where all the people go. surely all the teachers don't drive?!

  4. What a lovely picture - it sounds like you've had a wonderful week together. We home educate, so the stress we feel at half term is that we tend to avoid places we'd normally go to because they're always busy and the price is jacked right up and like you say, costs a fortune! Enjoy what's left of your week. great to find you via Big Bad Blog Share.