Tuesday 29 April 2014

No words needed!

Sometimes there are moments that need no words to melt your heart.

They require no sound or movement, no answer or motive just a moment that captures your heart and melts it on the spot.

Tonight was one of those moments for me..

I peeked in to check on my little boy and he was sound asleep cuddling his favourite teddy from our holiday last year (he takes it to bed every night without fail lol) snoring away and looking so peaceful.

I know I have another baby on the way but he is and always will be my baby, my first born my little man. He has made and shaped me to be the mum I am today and for that I cannot thank him enough.
Yes he has tantrums and screams as soon as he hears the word no. Yes sometimes I feel like hiding in a dark cupboard and not coming out until Frank gets home from work to deal with his terrible tantrum but really one little smile from him makes everything seem ok!

Today he melted my heart with no words! 



  1. This is such a lovely post. Was really nice to read :) x

  2. Beautiful post... I can really connect with this post. My heart melts when I check in on both my girlie's when they are asleep. Maybe it's because they are whirlwinds when they are awake and I don't get to stop long enough for it to melt.

  3. D'aww how adorable is this post and how cute is your little man with his best buddy cuddles under his arm! Loved reading this and thanks so much for linking up! #MMWBH xx


  4. Ah how adorable! I totally relate to this. When I was pregnant with my littlest it really made me think about my relationship with my eldest and the bond we have. I was really worried it would change but I can report that if anything it's got even better. One more baby brings another whole dimension to the family and my biggest boy benefits as much as the rest of us. Enjoy this special time :)