Sunday 13 April 2014

Sunday fun!

The weather was beautiful today so we decided to venture out in the car to Clevedon beach (it's more of a pebble beach than sandy beach).

It was only around a 30 minute drive and we had lots of fun although it was quite windy when we got down there!

James had fun looking for crabs in some of the little r ock pools that had formed in between the big rocks on the pebble beach and although we didn't find any this time he had fun pretending to be a crab on the rocks lol!

He also had a ride on a little train that did a loop of the green (it was called the Charles Henry II)

And played in the fab park that was there!  

Finished of by a round of mini golf although it was paticularly tricky with it being so windy as the balls kept rolling back to the beginning regardless of how hard they hit the ball lol!

We had a lovely day!
What have you been up to this weekend? Has the weather been nice where you are?


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