Sunday 11 May 2014


Recently at nursery James has been learning about frogs and where they come from etc. This has left him enthusiastically telling us all about tadpoles and where frogs come from. 
They have some tadpoles in nursery that he loves looking at and seeing them change. 

This struck an idea in my head why not catch our own tadpoles!!
So off we set with our fishing nets and bucket in hand to a local field that has small pond which is always FULL of tadpoles and we managed to catch some.

 James had such fun trying to catch them and proudly brought home his 6 tadpoles and popped them into a plastic fish tank we have.  

He hasn't stopped looking at them with his magnifying glass since and has noticed them some have tiny little legs starting to grow! 

We plan on letting them go again back into the pond we caught them from once they start turning into frogs but for now its a great little activity for James to watch and learn all about how they turn into frogs right before his eyes. 

A Fun, Free and Educational activity for a Saturday afternoon! 
What have you been up to this weekend? 



  1. How wonderful and what a brilliant way of learning!
    A friend of mine has done the same thing so now I'm thinking maybe I need to do this too! haha

    1. I have to admit I stole the idea from his nursery lol!! But hes been so excited about having them and checking on them all the time with his little magnifying glass. Lovely to see him enjoying something he is also learning from. xx

  2. I loved looking for tadpoles when I was younger! We had a massive pond at my primary school. It is amazing that he's learning about frogs and so into them. What do you feed tadpoles? x

    1. They are quite interesting to look at (ive caught myself staring into the tank a few times lol!!!).
      Yea its great to see him enjoying and get excited over something he is also learning from!.
      We had a look online and it said to feed them boiled lettuce thats been finely chopped so we are trying this at the moment lol.xx

  3. My mum has frogs in her pond and my children spend ages watching them too! They are fascinating things. #MMWBH

  4. Great fun and like you say, educational too. I remember doing something similar to this years ago when at primary school. My youngest daughter would love this as she loves nature and is currently obsessed with snails! #MMWBH

  5. I am a firm believer in learning the practical way! Its much more fun and this looks like just that! I did this LOADS with my younger brother when we were wee. Cannot wait to do it with my kids over the summer holidays! Great post hun! Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH xx