Friday 30 May 2014

WannaPizzaThis **REVIEW**

We were recently given the opportunity to try out a mini pizza making kit from the lovely people at WannaPizzaThis? and we jumped at the chance as James loves pizza and it seemed like a fun activity to do during the half term.

Wannapizzathis are a company who provide pizza making kits that are freshly made using the freshest ingredients. All of their kits are made using fresh ingredients and are prepared to order in a vegetarian kitchen. They offer 2 main pizza kits...

The mini pizza kit (this is the one we were sent out to try!) which contains ..
- A childs rolling pin
- A childs Wooden spoon
- A pre mixed bag of flour (enough to make dough for one 9 inch pizza or 2 mini pizzas's)
- A pot of homemade pizza sauce
- Instructions on how to make the pizza
(These are priced at £4.00 + p&p)
The Full pizza baking kit which contains .... 
 - 1 bag of Pre-Mixed Flour (enough for one 9 inch pizza or 2 mini pizzas)
- 1 pot of sauce for 1 or (2 mini) pizza
- Mini wooden spoon
- Mini rolling pin
- Pizza tray
- Kids apron
- Kids chef's hat
- Mixing bowl
- Cooking instructions
 (These are priced at £10.50 + p&p)

Wannapizzathis also give you the option to add extras to any of their kits at a small addition price! 

Here is the kit we were sent out which contains all the items listed above in the Mini Pizza baking kit.

 The kits comes with everything you need (apart from a small amount of oil, water and your choice of toppings). I loved the addition on the little rolling pin and wooden spoon as these were perfect for James to use and can be kept for future use! 

The instructions included were clear and easy to follow.
Here is James making the dough for his pizza (this was simply a case of adding water and oil to the bag of pizza flour included and mixing!)  ...

We then rolled out the dough (I helped him a little with this but James was very keen to have a go by himself with his little rolling pin) and added the pizza sauce which was included and smelt DELICIOUS!!! and the toppings, James went simple and chose ham and cheese for his pizza. 

 We then placed the pizza into the oven for 10-15 minutes to cook. The smell was amazing and smelt just like walking past a pizzeria!

Here is our finished pizza straight from the oven...

It looked and smelt amazing and the dough was crispy but still slightly soft on top. The sauce didnt soak in or disappear so meant the pizza still have a lovely oozy top YUM! 
James had great fun making his pizza and loved the fact he could choose his own toppings and roll out the dough. The kits are fab as they include everything you need apart from a few small ingredients you would usually have around the kitchen anyway. 
I think the largr kits would make a great idea for a family to enjoy doing together to really get everyone involved and you could serve the pizza with some salad and garlic bread as a lovely family meal that everyone has been involved with making!

The kits get a big thumbs up from James who gobbled down the pizza in record time! 

 You can check out Wannapizzathis on Facebook and twitter here ..
Or on there website here .. WannaPizzaThis website where you can find out all about their fresh ingredients, the baking kits and where you can buy yours from!! 


* I was not paid for this review. All opinions given are my own.. As a thank you I was allowed to keep the product.
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  1. What a great idea! Gives kids the chance to have a go at cooking, it's NOT baking cakes and they will want to eat what they make! Not a bad price too given how much pizzas cost these days...

  2. Great idea! Mine seem to have taken a real interest in wanting to cook x

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    I can see it being super useful for a small kids party when they can just make their own pizza

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