Monday 30 June 2014

3 weeks already!!

So my little lady is now 3 weeks old already!! 
Time is going so quickly its unbelieveable!

We had the midwife today and got signed off as peanut is finally up to her birth weight (and more!!) and is now weighing 8lb 2oz. It was a little emotional when we got signed off from the midwife as it made it feel like my little baby is no longer a newborn and we are starting a new chapter already. She did have to have some eye drops though for her eye as its a little sticky and gunky so im sure that will be a challenge trying to get eye drops into her eye lol.

She seems to be having a growth spurt at the moment and is feeding every 2 hours through the day! But she is still only getting up once in the night for a feed and usually goes from 11pm til 4/5am then has a bottle and back down til about 8am. Although we did have one night this week where she decided to get up at 3am had a bottle then woke at 4am screaming for another bottle lol. 

Shes growing so much already and must be getting longer as her newborn sleep suits are starting to get a little short in the arms and tight on the legs. 

James is still being a fantastic big brother although has been playing up a little lately for attention but it was to be expected I think after all he has had mummy and daddy all to himself for nearly 5 years!
He had his leavers play at nursery Friday which was a mix of Snow white and Cinderella and he was a huntsman. It brought a tear to my eye watching him knowing this was the last play he would be doing at nursery and just how confident he had become as he said his lines into the microphone (lines he has spent weeks learning I might add lol!) and dancing around stage.
He has also had both his school stay and play settling in sessions and loved them!! He cant wait to start in September and keeps asking if he can go to school yet lol. I have to admit this has made it a little easier for me as I know hes going to love it. Saying that I still cant believe my little boy will be starting big school in just a few months. 

 (Heres James as a huntsman in his play sorry its not very clear I was sat quite far away and I was juggling a whinging peanut and trying to hold the camera at the time lol) 

My 2 favourite people!



  1. Congrats on Peanut's 3 week!! I can't remember when my son was 3 weeks old because I was so sleep deprived, so good for you if this one leaves you almost alone! Congrats on your big boy too, you must be a proud mama to see your boy on stage!

  2. Aww she's so tiny and so cute, I love them when there that small :-)

  3. Your baby is so sweet and big brother is cute holding her too.