Friday 1 August 2014

Little Grippers socks **REVIEW**

Are you fed up of constantly putting baby and toddler socks back on because they have fallen off? Or telling your children to pull up their socks because their sock has slipped down into their shoe? The why not take a look at Little grippersLittle Grippers products have been designed and developed to incorporate our revolutionary robotically applied ‘stay on technology’ which is 100% natural, totally hypoallergenic and applied to their products to help them stay in place.

The lovely people at Little Grippers recently sent us a few pairs of socks for James and Peanut to try out and review and we were really impressed!

First up are the boys short school socks in black for James. 

These had a high quality feel and were SO soft! They "stay on technology" did just that and the sock stayed in place the whole day without annoying or hurting James. 

Next up we had 2 pairs of socks for Peanut. The designs we were sent were Coral pink ballerina and Cream animal. 

I loved the cute quirky designs of these socks and thought they were perfect for when baby is a little young for shoes but you want something pretty on their feet. The colours are bright and funky! 

Here is a short explanation of how the stay on technology works from Little Grippers... 

Little grippers do a range of sock styles to suit all your children's needs including short and knee high school socks, sports socks and a wide range of baby socks in lots of cute designs! 
We can confirm the "stay on technology" really does work! Both James and Peanut kept their Little Grippers socks on all day with no lost socks or stopping whilst walking to pull up socks. 
You can find Little Grippers on 
Facebook - www.facebook.com/LittleGrippersUK
Or on their website - www.littlegrippers.com 


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  1. How super! It drives my little boy up the wall when they fall down!

  2. Great concept. I remember in Australia in the 80s, there was a brand for men that did the same thing. They hugged you all the way up from the ankle.

  3. These sound like a great idea, I used to loathe my socks falling down as a child!