Saturday 2 August 2014

Sassy Bloom **REVIEW**

As you may have noticed from previous posts on my blog I have a bit of a thing for subscription boxes, So when I was given the opportunity to try out a Sassy bloom box I was really excited! I had seem them mentioned a few times on the internet and had thought they looked fab!

Sassy Bloom is a monthly subscription box which is available from pregnancy right up until your baby is 2! 

The box came beautifully presented (I almost didn't want to open it, well that's if I wasn't super excited to find out what was inside lol!)

What I really liked about the Sassy Bloom boxes are that each box is tailored to your child's specific stage, age and gender, or your specific stage in pregnancy.

This was the contents of our box..
The box contained the following...
Sassy bath toy and thermometer
Organic babies nappy cream baby balm
Personalised bib 
Kallo sweet life small rabbit 
Earth friendly baby moisturising shea butter moisturising oil
Shea mooti Mamas soothing leg and foot cream.

I really liked the personal touch of the bib with her name on it! I hadn't heard of a lot of the brands in the box and this is the reason why I really like subscription boxes because they introduce you to new brands and products you may otherwise not have heard or known about!

I thought the box came with a good range of high quality products and felt that a lot of thought had gone into tailoring the box to the correct stage for Peanut and even had a little something in their for me.  

Sassy bloom boxes are priced at £29.oo for a one off box although this is made cheaper the longer your subscription. (3 monthly subscription - £26.00 per box, 6 monthly subscription - £24.65 per box and 1 year subscription just £22.15 per box!) 
Standard delivery is free! 

The contents of the Sassy Bloom box always out weighs the cost of the box with each box having a minimum RRP of £40.00.

Fancy trying out a Sassy Bloom box for yourself or perhaps you have a friend who is pregnant or has just had a baby and want to buy them one of these boxes as a gift? 
Simple follow this link https://www.sassybloom.com/?referral_id=OwlCrazy and use the referral code "OwlCrazy".

You can find out more about Sassy bloom via one of their social media pages 

Or via their website here - www.sassybloom.com

Have you ever tried a Sassy Bloom box before? Or is it something you would purchase for a friend? 


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  1. Looks great. I would love to receive one as I love surprises x


  2. You got such a cute box and if you use the contents then it sounds like it is good value for money x

  3. I've heard mixed reviews on Sassy Bloom boxes, although the last few I've read seem to be more positive, which is a good thing as it shows they listen and react to feedback. This one looks lovely - and what a lovely touch to have a personalised product in there. I'd definitely be happy to receive this as a gift!

  4. Looks like a lovely subscription box! I am always wary of subscriptions as knowing my luck I would end up with things I don't like!

  5. These look absolute lovely, def an idea to subscribe for my stepmum as a gift xx

  6. I like the idea of giving them as a gift but it's not the kind of thing I would want as I don't like surprises!

  7. I am somewhat concerned with the rise of subscription boxes. As a budgeter and someone who doesn't have a lot of spare cash they are very tempting and also I am not sure I would use everything in them even if they are a bargain

  8. Always like the looks of this box much better then others .x

  9. I cancelled our subscription to Glossy box because I figured that even though it was a great deal as the RRPs were way more than the cost of the box, I actually wouldn't buy most of the products if I saw them so they're not so much of a bargain. This looks like a great idea although the cost would put me off subscribing on a regular basis - I'd definitely buy it as a one off gift for people though x x

  10. I didn't know they do boxes for babies :) Such a cute idea for a new mums!

  11. Oh I love those products! Really sweet. I think that is one of the best subscription boxes I've seen :)

  12. What a beautiful box! And the products are excellent. And the personalized touch is so cute!

  13. This looks like a great box, although was a bit surprised with how much it cost, mind you, if you're going to use all of it then it would be good x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog