Sunday 3 August 2014

South Gloucestershire Show

After all the rain we had yesterday when we woke up today is was lovely and sunny so we decided to venture out to The South Gloucestershire Show just down the road from us!

The South Gloucestershire Show is held at ​The Windmill Fisheries Showground, Westerleigh Road, As a celebration of life in South Gloucestershire and a showcase for lifestyle and leisure in and around the county.

When we arrived I was shocked by the size of it!! The show was spread across several fields with lots to do for everyone. There were 2 "arena" areas with lots of different displays everything from gymnastics, kickboxing and motorbike stunts! There was a field full of rides for younger and older children all which were reasonably priced at around £2 - £2.50 per ride. 
There were also LOTS of food stands and vans and the smell made your mouth water it smelt delicious, There were so many different cuisines to choose from as well from salad, burgers, noodles, burritos and so much more! 
There were also lots of stalls selling a whole range of products from jewellery to doggy treats!

James loved the rides -

and had fun making some art using a bicycle and a spinning wheel!

We also caught some the displays including a cheer-leading display, a BMX bike display and a motorbike display where the rider jumped a 9 car distance on the bike! 

We had a fab afternoon! I do think the ticket prices were a little expensive at £10 per adult and £6 per child as a lot of the things like the rides were also extra when you got in there. However if you planned your day properly around all the displays going on etc then you could really make it a day out! 

There were lots of other things going on as well including Golf, Fishing, Shooting, live music and a motoring show with a wide range of cars old and new on display. As well as this there was a dedicated toddler/kid zone by Little Tikes and face painting etc! 


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