Tuesday 5 August 2014

Sudocrem Care and Protect **REVIEW**

We were recently sent a tube of Sudocrem care and protect to try out with peanut.
Sudocrem care and protect is a cream used to help prevent nappy rash.

Sudocrem care and protect is a triple action, hypoallergenic ointment that is gentle on skin and can be used at every nappy change from day one!
The triple-action formula creates a protective barrier, conditions the skin and guards against infection. By sealing in the skin’s natural moisture, Sudocrem Care & Protect helps to keep the skin on your baby’s bottom smooth and supple and nappy rash free. 

Sudocrem care and protect comes in a handy little tube that is easily popped into a change bag ready to be used. The tube has a handy hinged lid which can be open and closed with one hand (perfect when your trying to contend with a wriggly baby lol!). The other bonus of having the hinged lid is no losing the lid somewhere in the depths of the changing bag or disappearing under the sofa! 

We have been using this cream for a little while now and the slight redness that peanut had at times has completely gone and not come back since using this ointment! It glides onto the skin easily and doesn't drag or tug at the skin when applying. It also lasts ages! You only need to apply a thin layer to babies bottom each nappy change so the tube lasts ages and really goes a long way. I really would say its worth trying if your little one suffers from a sore bottom or you are looking for some protection for babies bottom. 

You can find sudocrem care and protect at Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Superdrug, Boots, Sainsburys, Wilkinsons, Waitrose and at many independant pharmacies.

You can find out more about this product on their website here - www.sudocrem.co.uk/care-and-protect


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  1. I use it on spots sometimes and when I have a bit of eczema on the back of my leg which flates up every now and again x

  2. We have used Sudocrem as long as I can remember. It always seems to work very well for us. I agree, it does last for ages!

  3. We've found this works really well too.

  4. My mum used it on me and I have used it on Edward when we used disposables. Didn't use it after using cloth though but use it now he is in pants. It is good stuff