Wednesday 24 September 2014

A New Badge!!

As you may know James has been attending swimming lessons for over 6 months now and is loving it! 
The last few weeks he has moved up classes so is no longer in the "preschool" classes he has now moved up to the school age class! Well yesterday he got another new badge his Alpha 1 badge. This is his 3rd badge since starting swimming lessons and im so proud of him, When he first started swimming lessons he didn't want to put his head under water and couldn't swim at all. Now he loves being under the water and can almost swim 5 metres completely unaided! 

Another favourite of James's is to visit the library after swimming lessons, So after his lesson this week we walked over to the library and James took his own library card and chose lots of books. James has just started school so I have been trying to make sure I read to him more consistently and try to get him to read to me. 
I  thought I would let him choose any books he liked although when he came to me with his pile of books I realised he had chosen quite a few lol!!

Peanut even got her first library book and loved her first trip to the library and looking at all the pictures. She would not let go of this Animals book so we ended up taking it out and bringing it home!

Do your children like the library? 



  1. awww!! so cute! My daughter LOVES the library! Its just hard to keep her quiet in there lol
    nice post x

  2. Well done to your little man for getting a new swimming certificate. I loved the library when I was little.


  3. Congrats little dude on your certificate thats fantastic. and your little one is so adorable. My two loves books so much too. I used to love the library growing up. Great post. Sorry for the delay we have been all ill here. Thank you so much for linking up to #sharewithme