Friday 26 September 2014

Nuby Natural Touch Bottles **REVIEW**

The lovely people over at Nuby recently sent us some of their NEW Nuby Natural Touch bottles to try out with Peanut and here is what we thought of them...

Here are some of the Nuby Natural Touch bottle features -

  • Each bottle holds 90 oz / 270 ml 
  • Helps Mum to combine breast and bottle feeding 
  • EASY LATCH, slow flow teat
  • Breast size, natural shaped teat encourages baby to latch on
  • Teat flexes, stretches and moves just like mum's breast 
  • Superior valves in the base of the teat to help reduce air ingestion, which may cause colic 
  • Soft nubs on the surface help to massage baby's gums
  • Available in 3 colour ways - Blue, Pink and Clear. All with cute Elephant design

I loved how cute and girly they were and the little elephant design on the front is so sweet. 

Peanut seemed to take to these bottles really easily and actually drank her milk much quicker and with less fuss compared to the previous bottles we had been using.

The bottles seem to be slightly bigger and hold an extra 1 oz compared to previous bottles we've tried which is great as the way Peanut is drinking her milk we will soon be needing that extra oz lol! 

The bottles seemed to be easy to hold for Peanut who has recently started showing an interest in holding her bottle !

(I don't care its all gone mummy i am not letting go lol!) 

The bottles come with a size 1 teat as standard but you can buy other size teats depending on your needs. Peanut is almost 4 months so we used the size 2 teats and these seemed to work really well for her. 

I often find with bottles that after a while of washing a sterilizing the design and numbers often start fading from the side. However we have been washing and sterilizing these for a while now and there is no sign of either fading! 

The bottles come in a box of 6 and are excellent value and are normally priced at £14.99 a great price for 6 bottles! However they are currently on offer at £10.00 for 6 and can be found here www.nuby-uk.com (price correct at time of posting 26/09/2014). 

You can find out more about Nuby and their new Natural Touch range on their website here - www.nuby-uk.com

Or keep up to date with all the latest news, offers and products on one of their social media pages here -

Twitter - twitter.com/NubyUK


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  1. I love Nuby products - they're always affordable and great quality. That's all I used for my home daycare and they passed the multiple -kid test, lol!

  2. they sound good - anything that helps reduce nipple confusion and support breastfeeding is good in my book

  3. nice! Better than my Dr. Brown's which have a million parts :)

  4. Wish I'd come across these before! At 8 months, seems a bit pointless changing my little one now, but I will remember these for next time. Good price, too.

  5. Nuby bottles were my princesses faviesss!!! Great read!

  6. This sounds like a lovely product and your baby is happy using it.

  7. These look lovely. I'd definitely have wanted these when my girls were little!

  8. THey look fab and actually, a great price for six bottles

  9. They are very nice looking bottles and at an excellent price.

  10. They look good. I've only heard positive things about Nuby.

  11. They are reasonably priced the only thing I am not keen on is the colour. Perpetuating the pink and blue at such an early age

  12. Such a great brand. She is such a cutie x

  13. Those look good. I only bottle-fed my eldest but struggled (17 yrs ago) to fid a suitable teat for his reflux.

  14. It's great that Peanut has taken to them so well.

  15. She is so cute holding her bottle

  16. I love Nuby products, have always found them great - especially the no-leak beakers!

  17. These look fab - i have a cupboard full of bottles that have never been used

  18. No bottles needed in this household any more unfortunately, but my twins still have the odd one as a treat :) I may look at some of these in blue!!