Tuesday 16 September 2014

Yoomi Feeding System **REVIEW**

You may have noticed a new badge on a side bar... Yep that's right I am a Yoomi Mummy!

The lovely people at Yoomi sent us a 8oz feeding system to try out and we were really excited to be trying out this new system as Peanut, As mentioned before she is a bit of a diva and will only take her milk warm which can be a bit of a faff when out and about! 
I thought I would share with you a little about Yoomi and the people behind it first. 

All About Yoomi - 

Yoomi is a unique bottle and warming system designed by Jim and Farah, A Mum and Dad whose experiences of bottle warming (stumbling around the kitchen in the early hours and begging waiters for hot water when out and about) inspired them to look for a better solution.
The combination of Farah's inspiration and Jim's engineering skills, together with expert advice and help from friends and family, has resulted in yoomi, the bottle that warms baby's feed in just 60 seconds

The Yoomi Concept - 

The yoomi bottle contains a unique warmer that is activated by pressing the orange button. This triggers the internal solution to warm the unit in just 60 seconds.
The cold feed is gently warmed as it flows through the specially designed channels on the outside of the warmer. By the time the feed reaches the teat, it is at natural breast milk temperature (32-34 deg C).

To heat the milk you simply charge your warmer pod 
and then place the warmer in the neck of the bottle, click the orange button through the soft neck/teat and it heats the milk within 60 seconds. When I first read about charging the warmer it sounded like a bit of a faff  but once I had actually worked it out it really wasnt and it saved a LOT of time.

Heres a video from the Yoomi website about charging your warmer...

Once we had for the hang of charging the warmer pod the Yoomi feeding system was really easy to use and saved a lot times and tears which were usually caused by peanut getting upset having to wait for a bottle to be warmed. Using the warmer pod saved all the time and worry of trying to warm the bottle in the microwave and wondering if its too hot or too cold as the Yoomi warmer pod heats the milk to the correct temperature every time. 

The Yoomi warmer also saves the hassle when you are about an about and need to warm a bottle and have to go on the hunt for warm water or wait for someone to bring it to you. Now you can simply warm the bottle in 60 seconds wherever you are! 

Heres another short clip from the Yoomi website about warming your babies feed using the Yoomi bottle -

Overall I would definitely suggest trying out these bottles if like me you have a baby who only likes to drink their milk warm. It took all the hassle, fuss and guess work over getting your babies milk to the correct temperature. They also come in 2 sizes 5oz or 8oz bottles so size to suit everyones needs. I would say if you intend on using these on a day out you may need to purchase more than 1 warmer pod to last.

Have you tried Yoomi before? 

You can find out more about Yoomi and their unique system on one of their pages listed below...

Website - www.yoomi.com/


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  1. Sounds a great little find for parents - I'm sure they'll find it very useful! x

  2. sounds like a brilliant idea and perfect for parents especially when you out and about!
    Melissa x

  3. It looks cool too doesn't it? I wish this had been around when mine were babies!

  4. Looks great and such a good idea too. Only wish it had been around 17 years ago xx

  5. I could have used this when I had babies. It was always tricky to get a bottle warmed when out and about.

  6. Mine only liked draught but it must be handy if you're out and about.

  7. That's a really good idea! I only Bottlefed my eldest - from 12 week when I had to return to work full time. He was used to breast milk and hater formula cold.

  8. Love it , we have one and is so good.

  9. This sounds like a great idea! Baby has always been happy to drink things at room temp though x

  10. This sounds like such a good idea x

  11. Well done on being a Yoomi Mummy!
    Product looks great. Can I please ask about the price?

  12. Not really done the bottle thing, but like the idea of easy warming - one of the reasons I breastfed is that I am far too lazy to get out of bed in the middle of the night!

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