Saturday 18 October 2014

Pumpkin Painting! An alternative to carving! - Halloween Crafts

Do your children see the pumpkins in the shops and insist they want one, Yet you know full well if you buy one it will be you sat for hours trying to scoop out the middle, and then attempting to carve something that resembles a face !?!

James always seem to want to buy a pumpkin as they appear in the shops, So this year we came up with the idea of painting our pumpkin rather than carving it!

Painting it meant that James could create it all by himself with whatever design he liked!

To make you own painted pumpkin you will need...

A pumpkin (of course lol!)
PVA glue,
Embellishments such as googly eyes, ribbon and glitter if you want to add these (these are not essential).

A handy hint is to make the paint stick to the pumpkin better mix a little PVA glue into the paint.

Make sure you give your pumpkin a quick wash and ensure it is dry before you start. Then just let your child's creativity run wild!

Here is the pumpkin me and James made -

Of course you can get as creative as you like with yours! 

If you have a go don't forget to share your pictures on our Facebook page HERE there will be a spooky edible treat for the best one!! 


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