Friday 19 December 2014

Almost christmas!

Just a quick post from me today but can you believe its almost christmas! 

I think the blue skies (although very cold) are throwing me off a little bit and I keep having to remind myself it really is less than 1 week until the big day. Theres just snow about snow that automatically makes it chrismassy right? 

James is so excited, Not helped by the visit from santa as school this week which has sent him into christmas overdrive and every night before bed we get "is santa coming tonight" lol.

This will of course be Evie's first christmas and although I know she is really still to young to understand any of it she has loved the christmas lights on the tree and I cant wait to spend it as a family all together. 

James loved putting up the decorations! Here he is putting the all important final touch to the christmas tree (the angel on top of course!) 

We have also been introducing some new traditions for James and Evie to enjoy such as Elf on the shelf and a christmas eve basket (post to follow with pics). 

Heres some of the things our naughty elf has been up too - 

So now I just have the big christmas food shop to do, YAY lots of christmas goodies! and a few more presents to wrap.

Do you have any christmas traditions you do every year? Are you all organised for christmas? 



  1. I can't believe it is nearly Christmas either. I have absolutely no idea where December went!

  2. Your kids are going to have such fun! Yes we have a tradition. To address the deflated feeling you get after all the presents have been opened (usually an hour or so into the day - so that's about 7am then!), we all have a Christmas Tree present in the afternoon to open. It keeps the magic going for a bit longer! Tx