Tuesday 17 February 2015

Pancake Day!

Today is pancake day!

So the 4 of us took to the kitchen armed with our pancake mixture, lots of toppings and our frying pan to make some of our own. We chose a variety of toppings including the classic sugar and lemon, golden syrup and Nutella to top ours (of course the kids chose Nutella lol).

The pancake flipping got big smiles from both James and Evelyn and we all really enjoyed them!

What do you like to top your pancakes with?



  1. I love strawberries and dairy free chocolate ganache, but normal sugar and lemon is also amazing! x

  2. I LOVE pancakes and yet somewhere between yesterday and 8 o'clock this evening I totally forgot about it - arrrgh!!! I think we might wait now until my husband is home at the weekend and have belated pancakes! :-)