Monday 9 March 2015

Evelyn 9 Month update!

9 Months seemed like forever whilst I was pregnant but it seems like the 9 months Evelyn has been here has flown by!

My baby girl turned 9 months old today and if I am honest it doesn't seem real! How did this happen I can still remember the night I brought her home yet it seems like all her milestones have gone by in the blink of an eye. 

Evelyn is now a confident, smiley, happy little lady who is most definitely a mummy's girl. She loves cuddles and especially loves her weekly classes at Jolly Babies. She is a little lazy though and still doesn't crawl or pull her self to standing. She has mastered some sort of backwards worm/ army crawl and can move at speed backwards, although this does result in her getting frustrated when the object she is trying to reach gets further away! 

James and Evelyn are still just as close which is lovely to watch. James will quite happily sit on the floor and play and sing to her whilst she relishes in sitting and watching him and giggling away. I really cannot wait until Evelyn is toddling along and they can enjoy some adventures outside together. 

As far as eating is concerned Evelyn is the equivalent to the human hoover she will eat anything and everything as we are now just down to 2 bottles (1 morning, 1 bedtime). She has her 3 meals during the day plus snacks and is getting on really well with eating what we eat. Her favourite snacks at the moment are the Organix crisps and the Kiddilicious wafers and of course the occasional rusk! She also now has 5 teeth so chomping has been made much easier by the addition of these! 

Oh and Evelyn's latest cheeky games involve her ripping of her sock and shimmying around with it in her mouth if you attempt to remove the sock she results to full diva tantrum mode....

and impersonating a Koala when in her door bouncer (yes she even tries to shimmy up the door frame lol!)

Everyday I appreciate how lucky I am to have 2 happy (well when there aren't throwing a tantrum lol) and healthy babies even if they are cheeky. I consider myself one very lucky mummy!



  1. Bless her she's gorgoeus! I love that age.

  2. She has grown up a lot in those nine months - lovely to see the shots of her with her brother.

  3. Oh what a cutie she is. They grow so much in that first year it is hard to fathom. She looks so happy

  4. It's amazing how fast time goes, gorgeous such a cutie

  5. aw wow how fantastic it is to see how they grow , x

  6. Ahh bless her, I love the koala shot!! xxx

  7. How do they grow so fast? My son is 8 months old and ready to walk :/ It flies too fast!

  8. She is adorable - my baby girl is 18- it goes too fast!!

  9. Aww she's so adorable! My little girl is two next month it really goes too quickly!

  10. She is so cute and love the picture of her trying to climb the door frame

  11. Awww hunny, she is so darn cute!
    Happy 9 months little E.
    Hayden is 3 years old next month - I really don't know where the time has gone!
    Charlotte x

  12. oh what a sweetie! that last pic proper made me giggle!! x