Sunday 24 May 2015

SwimFin **REVIEW**

As I am sure you have noticed by now we love swimming. We as a family may not be the best and we certainly aren't winning any medals buts its an activity we can all enjoy together as a family.

Learning to swim is something I feel very passionate about and feel its something children should be encouraged to learn as its ultimately a life saving skill that can so easily be taught either via a parent/carer, a friend or via swimming lessons with a professional.

I have taken both James and Evelyn swimming since they were just a few months old. James now attends weekly swimming lessons as our local leisure centre but before that I used to take him by myself and attempted to teach him myself. During this this we tried several different swimming aids but none seemed to give him the correct swimming position or really help him get going.

The arm bands seemed to simply leave his arms up in the water but offered no support to his core and almost left him standing vertically in the pool with his arms beside his head. The swimming ring was a little better but again it seemed to leave him vertical rather than horizontal in the water as would be needed for the correct swimming position.

Then we heard about the SwimFin, The SwimFin doesn't fight against the body pulling it to the surafce instead it works in harmony with the body to gain a more natural swimming position in the easiest way.

Not only did the SwimFin work wonders for helping get James in to that correct swimming position and offer him that extra bit of support in the correct area it made swimming fun! With the swim fin on James always thought he was a shark it make him automatically want to move around the water, becoming more active and confident as he moved around. You can even buy adult straps for the SwimFin so they can fit on to an adult!

Whats a little different about the SwimFin is that the more visible it is out of the water the less support it is offering meaning the more your child is swimming alone. The more submerged the Swim Fin is the more support it is offering the child so as your child slowly becomes more confident and more able to get their body in to the optimum position for swimming themselves the less the Swim Fin will be aiding them. I love this as it means your child is using less of the buoyancy aid without even realising it as you don't have to take anything away.

If you have or know a child who is learning to swim or could use a little extra support than I would highly recommend trying out the SwimFin, you can find out more about SwimFin via their website here - swimfin.co.uk

Do you and your family enjoy swimming? Is the SwimFin something you or your children would use?

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  1. This looks cool and great to use too. Both my boys were great swimmers and our of armbands at 3, but they had been going swimming weekly since 3 weeks old

  2. These always look such fun! Little sharks through the water. x